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February 20, 2024
8:27 AM EST Barnwell Industries Announces Planned CEO Succession
8:26 AM EST Some News from TRxADE
8:25 AM EST Let the Credit Companies Combine
8:24 AM EST Aurora Cannabis Announces CFO Transition and Completion of Previously Announced Share Consolidation
8:15 AM EST OneSoft Reports Preliminary Summary of Fiscal 2023 Operations and Provides Guidance for Fiscal 2024
8:11 AM EST Walmart Agrees to Acquire VIZIO
8:10 AM EST Bear Creek Mining Announces Resignation of CFO and Identification of Successor
8:10 AM EST DocGo Senior Leadership Hires Deepen Public Health, Value-based Care Experience
8:05 AM EST Polar Power Announces $2.9 Million in New Bookings During January 2024
8:01 AM EST Knightscope Welcomes New Board of Directors (Plural)
7:56 AM EST LD Micro Welcomes ECD Automotive (ECDA) Today, I'm Driving
February 18, 2024
11:21 AM EST Only One Thing Better Than Getting a Hole-in-One, Winning Two Cars
11:19 AM EST Apple Vision Pro, Still Debating On Getting the Watch
11:17 AM EST Village People’s Song Catalog, Brand Acquired by Primary Wave Music
11:16 AM EST Our Neighbor Has One, It's Like a Pink Cheetah to Me
11:16 AM EST A Rich Man is Buying Up a Small Town, What Can Go Wrong?
11:13 AM EST Chip by Chip, This Ice Cream Flavor Is Melting Away
11:09 AM EST Why Americans Suddenly Stopped Hanging Out
11:07 AM EST Scott Should Read This (BK, Have it Your Way)
10:36 AM EST We Liked It, Do Agree On It Being Pricey
9:59 AM EST Icahn Wants to Fly the Friendly Sky (JBLU)
February 17, 2024
2:18 AM EST What Does a Golfer's Diet Consist Of?
2:14 AM EST Fresno County 4EVR
2:12 AM EST Been Crushing It Since Day One, I Love the Food
2:11 AM EST Today I Learned That the Body Shop is Still Around, Days are Numbered
2:08 AM EST What Does He Know? He Only Founded FedEx
2:02 AM EST NBA All-Star Game (Dunk Contest Tonight)
1:59 AM EST DBGI is Confirmed for the Invitational, We are Honored and Humbled
1:56 AM EST Rodeo in Los Angeles, Can it Get Any Better?
1:55 AM EST Can You Imagine What Would Happen If Someone Now Found It?
1:54 AM EST Gosh Darn It (Very Rare)
1:53 AM EST LD Micro Weekend Edition (OS, Sunday Times)
February 16, 2024
1:24 PM EST LifeVantage Appoints Dayton Judd to the Board of Directors, Nice Development
1:20 PM EST FLYHT Receives STC Certification for the AFIRS Edge on Airbus A320 Aircraft
1:18 PM EST XOMA Enters into Agreement to Acquire Kinnate Biopharma
1:06 PM EST Natural Gas Has Been Crushed (SJT), Been Warmer Everywhere it Seems
12:57 PM EST Yangaroo Announces Resignation of CFO
12:51 PM EST Modular Medical Announces Pricing of $10 Million Public Offering
11:20 AM EST Sarcos Welcomes Back Co-Founder and Former CEO Ben Wolff to Lead Company
10:32 AM EST LD Micro Welcomes CreditRiskMonitor (CRMZ), Honored
10:30 AM EST Truxton Announces Relocation to Burton Hills
9:58 AM EST ImmuCell (ICCC) to Report Earnings Shortly, Met with Them at World Ag Show
February 15, 2024
11:00 AM EST Payfare Announces Fourth Quarter 2023 Active User Growth
10:59 AM EST Upexi Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2024 Financial Results, Down a Lot
10:58 AM EST Mako Announces Settlement and Release Agreement With GR Silver
10:57 AM EST VirTra CEO John Givens Appointed as Executive Committee Chair for National Center for Simulation
10:57 AM EST AgEagle Aerial Systems Appoints Seasoned Defense Industry Executive William Irby as President
10:57 AM EST CollPlant Issues Letter to Shareholders
10:56 AM EST Tego Cyber Enters Licensing Agreement With
10:55 AM EST Foremost Lithium Appoints Seasoned Financial Executive Sead Hamzagic as CFO
10:55 AM EST Healthcare Triangle Announces Cost Reduction Initiatives to Achieve Profitability
10:54 AM EST Remark Holdings Announces Listing on OTC Pink Market
10:53 AM EST The Days of Our Lives, Micro-Cap Edition (PLCE)
February 14, 2024
1:29 PM EST Immersion Signs License Agreement with Meta Platforms
12:51 PM EST IBEX Technologies (IBT.v) is Getting Bought
11:58 AM EST Orea Announces Resignations and Wind-Up, Turning Off the Lights
February 12, 2024
3:00 AM EST Some News Names are Coming Public, Nice to See
2:59 AM EST Owens Corning Announces $3.9 Billion Acquisition of Masonite
2:54 AM EST It's World Ag Week at LD Micro
2:51 AM EST Because I've Always Wanted to "Shop Like a Billionaire"
2:48 AM EST The Lunar New Year is Here
2:46 AM EST Very Sad News Out of Kenya
2:43 AM EST Acquisition of Additional Equity Interest in The Tinley Beverage Company
2:41 AM EST Kudos to the Niners, Getting to Three Super Bowls Recently is Not Easy to Do
2:40 AM EST Diamondback and Endeavor Discuss $50 Billion Merger
2:38 AM EST Never Doubt "Playoff Patrick", Delivers a 3rd Super Bowl for the Chiefs
February 11, 2024
5:49 PM EST Nigerian Bank CEO and Family Dead After Fiery Helicopter Crash in Mojave Desert
5:47 PM EST A Little "Perspective" is Always Needed
5:43 PM EST Enthusiast Gaming Announces Intention to File Form 15F to Voluntarily Deregister, Still Want to Meet With Them
5:40 PM EST I Don't Feel It, Maybe Others Do
5:38 PM EST The CFO Exodus of 2023 Continues: COPL Announces CFO Departure
5:31 PM EST Does Not Matter Where You Go, This is a Big Problem for the Working Class
5:26 PM EST MyPillow Guy is Expanding, Targeting Only "Patriots"
5:24 PM EST Bezos is Selling a Couple of Bil in Stock, First Time in Three Years
5:16 PM EST You Reap What You Sow (Waste Management Open)
5:06 PM EST What Job Does Spider-Man Do to Earn a Little Bit of Extra Money?
February 10, 2024
11:22 AM EST Super Bowl Ad Pricing is Unchanged from Last Year
11:18 AM EST US Credit Card Debt is Also Making Records
11:16 AM EST How Do Farmers Party?
11:09 AM EST Great Investor Interview Worth Reading (Mr. Roger Fan)
11:05 AM EST Time to Raise All Red Solo Cups to a Legend
11:03 AM EST Watching Pickleball is Not as Exciting as Watching Tennis
11:01 AM EST The Lakers Wore a Special Uniform to Honor Kobe
10:34 AM EST Spider-Man Climbs Up the Vegas Sphere
10:29 AM EST Every Now and Then, You Miss a Tee Time
9:58 AM EST LD Micro Weekend (Super Bowl Sunday Edition)
February 9, 2024
4:28 AM EST Sidus Space Appoints Bill White as Chief Financial Officer
4:25 AM EST AMMO Reports Third Quarter 2024 Financial Results, Really Enjoyed Meeting Them in PHX
4:22 AM EST Icon. Legend. One of the Greatest Athletes of ALL-TIME.
4:21 AM EST Research Solutions Reports Fiscal Second Quarter 2024 Results, Dark Horse at LD
4:18 AM EST Glass House Brands Announces Resignation of Board Member John Pérez
4:15 AM EST The "Green Giant" Reports Solid Results (Seneca)
4:13 AM EST PharmaDrug Announces Successful Closing of Non-Brokered Private Placement
4:12 AM EST BGSF Announces 37th Consecutive Quarterly Dividend
4:08 AM EST The "Brain" Reports Results (WILD)
3:48 AM EST Great Elm Capital Raises $24 Million of Equity at NAV, Impressive
February 7, 2024
3:50 AM EST RGC Resources Declares 320th Consecutive Quarterly Dividend, Almost 27 Years!
3:48 AM EST Aviat Networks Reports Q2, Increases Full Year Guidance
3:47 AM EST Farmer Brothers Names John Moore Chief Executive Officer
3:46 AM EST Acerinox to Acquire Haynes International
3:45 AM EST Key Tronic Corporation Announces Results for the Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024
3:45 AM EST LightPath Elects Former Space Force CTO Kim Crider to Board of Directors
3:44 AM EST Vanstar Announces Shareholder Approval of Arrangement with IAMGOLD
3:44 AM EST BioSyent Declares First Quarter 2024 Dividend, Nice
3:43 AM EST Mithaq Capital SPC Acquires Common Shares of Aimia
3:43 AM EST DMG Blockchain Solutions Announces January Mining Results
February 6, 2024
11:00 AM EST Lakeland Industries Announces the Acquisition of Jolly Scarpe Footwear
10:55 AM EST NightHawk Biosciences Completes Name Change to Scorpius Holdings
10:38 AM EST Phibro Animal Health Corporation Announces Chief Financial Officer Changes
10:34 AM EST RenovoRx CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders
10:31 AM EST USD Partners and USD Group Announce Chief Financial Officer Transition, Up a Lot Today
10:27 AM EST Gain Therapeutics' GT-02287 Completely Restores Motor Function in Mouse Models of Parkinson's Disease
10:23 AM EST Nanalysis Achieves Record Revenue in Q4
10:22 AM EST Dyadic Announces R&D Collaboration with Big Company
10:21 AM EST Katipult Appoints Capital Markets Veteran Beth Shaw as a Strategic Advisor
10:13 AM EST Dolphin's Subsidiary, Shore Fire, Shines at the 2024 Grammys as Clients Earn Nine Awards
10:09 AM EST Zynex Receives FDA Clearance for its Next Generation NMES Device
February 5, 2024
12:01 PM EST Novo Holdings to Acquire Catalent, Makes Sense
11:16 AM EST Infinity Bancorp Announces Year End Results and First Cash Dividend
11:13 AM EST CURO Group Reports Preliminary Q4 and FY23 Financial Results, Stock is Down Today
11:12 AM EST Terran Orbital Announces Agreement with Shareholder Group
10:56 AM EST Troilus Announces CFO Transition
10:52 AM EST Thunderbird Entertainment Welcomes David Lazzarato to Board of Directors
10:45 AM EST Today I Learned That India Has a Patent Office
10:40 AM EST Washington State Awards Comtech $48 Million Multi-Year Contract Extension for Next Generation 911 Services
10:36 AM EST Ventripoint Begins 2024 with Leadership Change, Not a CFO Thank Godness!
9:58 AM EST Wrap Technologies is Doing Some Things
February 4, 2024
4:43 AM EST Chinese Spy Pigeon Arrested in India
4:42 AM EST Pleasant and Favorable News for the Entire Music Industry
4:41 AM EST NHL All-Star Game is Taking Place in Toronto
4:40 AM EST Still Can't Sleep Due to Pounding Rain
4:38 AM EST Let Them Eat Cake
4:31 AM EST No One Has Been Listening to Me, Until Now
4:29 AM EST Delicious, But Prices at an All-Time High
4:19 AM EST Apple Vision Pro is "Interesting" and Expensive
4:16 AM EST You Can't Park Your Car in SF for Less Than $60 These Days, But You Can Go to a Concert
4:12 AM EST No One is Coming to Pebble Today, Hell or "High Water"
February 3, 2024
12:23 PM EST 23andMe is Not Looking Good Right Now
12:20 PM EST Amer Sports Goes Public, Own Some Famous Brands
12:18 PM EST LD Micro Weekend Edition (OS Edition)
11:57 AM EST Nanalysis Scientific Provides Update on Security Services Business
11:50 AM EST Surprised My French Buddy Hasn't Mentioned Anything
11:47 AM EST Pretty Big Deal in the Testing Community
11:46 AM EST We Missed One: Gamida Cell Actively Pursuing Strategic Alternatives
10:58 AM EST Reed Hastings is Looking To Unload "Some" Shares (NFLX)
February 2, 2024
10:07 AM EST Caliber Completes Sale of Land Parcel in Colorado
9:44 AM EST Gilat Awarded Multimillion-Dollar Defense Satellite Connectivity Project
9:38 AM EST Bowlin Travel Centers Announces Issuer Tender Offer
9:25 AM EST Dogwood State Bank to Acquire Community First Bancorporation
8:57 AM EST LuxUrban Hotels to Host Investor Day on February 6, 2024, More Companies Should Do This
8:56 AM EST Phil Anderson, Founder of Highlander Silver, Passes Away
8:55 AM EST Indigo Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited Non-Binding Privatization Proposal
8:54 AM EST Parks! America Files Preliminary Proxy Statement
8:53 AM EST Trifecta Gold Announces U.S. Listing on OTCQB Marketplace Under TRRFF
8:41 AM EST The Biggest Theme of 2023 Continues in 2024: Change of Chief Financial Officer
February 1, 2024
5:41 AM EST What do you call the largest mammal on Earth that lives in a palace?
4:57 AM EST Open Letter to Zomedica Shareholders from your Chief Executive Officer
4:47 AM EST RADCOM Appoints Guy Shemesh as its new CEO to Succeed Eyal Harari
4:44 AM EST DocGo Announces Share Buyback Program
4:43 AM EST Windtree Therapeutics is Looking at Strategic Alternatives
4:34 AM EST MDB Capital Holdings Issues Annual Letter to Shareholders
4:17 AM EST Troubadour Announces $1,250,000 Private Placement and New Interim CEO
4:13 AM EST NETGEAR Appoints Charles (CJ) Prober as New CEO
4:11 AM EST Carver Bancorp Definitively Rejects Dream Chasers' Offer
4:07 AM EST Pieridae Energy Announces Executive Appointments and 2023 Exit Production
January 30, 2024
2:37 AM EST Fresh Vine Wine Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire Notes Live
2:34 AM EST Amazon and iRobot Agree to Terminate Pending Acquisition
2:25 AM EST ReWalk Robotics Transforms Company Identity, Rebrands as Lifeward
2:25 AM EST ChoiceOne Bank Now Accepting Annual Scholarship Applications, For the Young Guns
2:21 AM EST Which Country Do Fish Like to Go for a Vacation?
1:17 AM EST Wi2Wi Corporation Announces Leadership Evolution with Appointment of New CEO
1:15 AM EST Science 37 (SNCE) to be Acquired by eMed
1:13 AM EST Data I/O Announces Preliminary Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2023 Results
1:12 AM EST Pharma-Bio Serv Announces Full Year Results, Share Price is Flat for Past Ten Years
1:05 AM EST Ur-Energy Provides 2023 Q4/YE Operations Update
January 29, 2024
3:47 PM EST Skye Bioscience (SKYE) Announces Large Private Placement
3:38 PM EST Vanadiumcorp Appoints a New Quebec-Based CFO
3:37 PM EST Newtopia Launches "GLP-1 Sustain" Program
3:35 PM EST TC BioPharm CEO, Bryan Kobel Featured on 'The Big Biz Show'
3:07 PM EST Lake Street Capital Markets Announces Executive Leadership Transition
2:38 PM EST CytoDyn Appoints Jacob Lalezari M.D. as CEO, Mitchell Cohen as Interim CFO
1:39 PM EST Gatekeeper Keeps Crushing It, Huge Respect to Doug and the Team
1:34 PM EST Truffles Has a New CEO (RMCF)
1:32 PM EST FAT Brands Foundation Awards Over $250,000 to Local Non-Profits in 2023
10:59 AM EST American Business Bank Reports Fourth Quarter Earnings
January 28, 2024
12:28 PM EST You Need Some ChapStick
12:24 PM EST A New Phone is Out, The Reviews Have Been Overwhelmingly Positive
12:18 PM EST Turkey is Going Turkey
12:16 PM EST Pretty Sure 99% of Them Will Implode
12:06 PM EST This is Not Good for the Central Valley
11:57 AM EST Why Did the Girl Toss Her Alarm Clock Out the Door?
11:54 AM EST October 2021: Rich Face, January 2024: Poor Face
11:40 AM EST Amazing Interview with Jeff Gramm (Bandera Partners)
11:39 AM EST LD Micro Sunday Edition (OS)
11:18 AM EST NBA Game of the Year, Tell Me I'm Wrong (Lakers - Warriors)
January 27, 2024
12:01 PM EST The Latest Retail Craze is All About the "Stanley Cup", Nothing to Do With Hockey
11:58 AM EST Famous Jeans Company Announces Layoffs, Extension of Naming Rights to the Niners Stadium
11:55 AM EST Bayer Needs to Pay Up for Roundup to the Tune of $2.25 Billion
11:51 AM EST Regardless of Whether You Agree, The Man is Intelligent and Actually Funny
11:49 AM EST Harbaugh to Become the Coach of the Chargers, They Will Need All the Help They Can Get
11:48 AM EST Freedom Holding (FRHC) Sets the Record Straight
11:37 AM EST Freedom Sets the Record Straight
11:36 AM EST First In-N-Out to Ever Close (Safety Reasons Naturally)
11:32 AM EST Dare Bioscience Announces Executive Team and Board Changes, C-F-O
January 26, 2024
11:08 AM EST PCB Bancorp Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend of $0.18, All the Regionals are Reporting
11:07 AM EST Questor Announces Resignation of Chief Financial Officer
11:06 AM EST GSI Technology Reports Third Quarter Fiscal 2024 Results
11:06 AM EST Pinnacle Bank Announces Record Earnings for 2023, All-Time High
11:05 AM EST Vanda Pharmaceuticals Announces a U.S. Patent Allowance for PONVORY
11:03 AM EST Sound Group Announces Trading under New Name on Nasdaq
11:02 AM EST Covalon Announces Management Changes, Another CFO Position
11:01 AM EST Meta Materials Announces Preliminary Results for The Fourth Quarter 2023
10:59 AM EST RiceBran Technologies Sells Golden Ridge Milling Facility
10:57 AM EST Corbus is Rocking, Even Sounds Like a Music Band (CRBP)
10:55 AM EST Freedom Holding (FRHC) Announces Completion of External Review
January 25, 2024
10:17 AM EST Stem Holdings Announces Delay in Annual Filings and Expected Cease Trade Order
10:16 AM EST Lots of Name Changes, Here is Another (NOC)
10:13 AM EST Name and Ticker Change Announcement (LIZI)
10:11 AM EST Summit Financial Group Reports Earnings of $1.11 Per Share for Q4, Based in West Virginia
10:10 AM EST Lantronix Appoints Christa Steele to Its Board of Directors
10:07 AM EST Gus is Leaving the Board (OPRX)
10:05 AM EST Falco Announces Election of Directors and Closing of Its Senior Debt Transactions
10:00 AM EST Marble Changes Name to Inverite Insights to Reflect Primary B2B Strategy
9:59 AM EST Akoustis Announces Pricing of Public Offering of $10 Million of Common Stock, Management Buying Some As Well
9:58 AM EST "Advantage, AMSC" (tennis speak)
January 24, 2024
4:56 PM EST Corvus Pharma Announces the Passing of Board Member Edith P. Mitchell
4:54 PM EST SciSparc Announces $20 Million Standby Equity Purchase Agreement, Up 78% Today
4:51 PM EST Modular Medical Announces Issuance of New US Patent
4:50 PM EST Sidus Space Appoints Richard J. Berman to its Board, Mr. Berman is Also on the Board of Six Other Public Companies
4:48 PM EST Inogen Names Michael Bourque as New Chief Financial Officer
1:49 PM EST Digital Ally Announces University Security Order
1:13 PM EST Venus Concept Announces Review of Strategic Alternatives, Love the Planet
1:12 PM EST Jill A. Giles Named Chief Financial Officer of First Farmers and Merchants Bank
1:08 PM EST Dolphin Entertainment Congratulates 42West and its Clients for Securing 24 Nominations for the 96th Academy Awards
11:33 AM EST MediaValet Announces Definitive Agreement to Be Acquired, MVP Today
10:50 AM EST Lexaria Releases Annual Letter from the CEO
January 23, 2024
1:46 PM EST Advanced Emissions Solutions to Rebrand as Arq, Stock Has Been More Like "ARF"
1:44 PM EST Sensus (SRTS) Announces Preliminary 2023 Revenues, Leads the Gainers
1:42 PM EST Duos RIP Scans Over Eight and a Half Million Railcars in 2023
1:41 PM EST Air Industries Group Receives Two Strategically Important New Contracts from New Customers, Stock's Been Ripping
1:39 PM EST Baylin Antennas to Support The "Big Game" at Allegiant Stadium, Yeah, The "Superb Owl"
1:38 PM EST WaveDancer Announces Filing of a Registration Statement on Form S-4 with the U.S. SEC
1:27 PM EST Eastern Platinum Limited Publishes CEO Letter to Shareholders
1:27 PM EST Paging Mr. Shelnutt, Please Come on Over for Your CFO Position
1:24 PM EST Crexendo (CXDO) Near a 3-Year High with this Latest Press Release
1:22 PM EST Nuvve Wins $16M Project for Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission's 50-Shuttle Fleet
January 22, 2024
9:31 AM EST LD Micro Welcomes Zedge (ZDGE)
9:29 AM EST Ron is Gone, All Roads Lead to Trump on the RNC Side, Where is Ron Paul?!
9:26 AM EST Sunoco LP (SUN) to Acquire NuStar Energy L.P. in Transaction Valued at $7.3 Billion, Promise No Anti-Trust Here
9:22 AM EST Liberty Defense Announces First Sale of HEXWAVE to an International Airport in Asia Pacific
9:17 AM EST Optex Systems Announces Acquisition of Speedtracker
9:14 AM EST LivePerson Adopts Tax Benefits Preservation Plan To Protect Valuable Tax Assets
9:12 AM EST Groupon Announces Oversubscribed Rights Offering and Total Capital Raise of $80.0 Million
9:10 AM EST ESE Entertainment Acquires Blockchain Gaming Technology
9:00 AM EST The Last Store You Will Ever See Me In, Free Haircut is Not Too Shabby Though (RGS)
8:58 AM EST RespireRx Announces the Appointment of Dr. Dariusz Naziek to Its Board of Directors
8:52 AM EST B. Riley Financial Issues Statement
January 21, 2024
12:22 PM EST LD Micro Welcomes Zedge (ZDGE)
12:20 PM EST Sign Me Up
12:17 PM EST My Least Favorite Fast Food Chain, Eat Fresh My You Know What
12:13 PM EST I Sign Waivers Before Eating Cheeseburgers All of the Time
12:11 PM EST First Time in 33 Years if it Happens, Love When Amateurs Beat the Pros
12:05 PM EST Now the Musicians are Striking, They Should
12:03 PM EST Supposedly You Can't Clean It the Old Fashioned Way Either
12:00 PM EST Attention Shoppers: A Public Service Announcement from Wal-Mart
11:58 AM EST I Thought These Were Ski Goggles at First
11:56 AM EST Were Getting Old
January 20, 2024
1:07 PM EST The IPO That No One Asked For
1:06 PM EST Why Would Anyone Pay $20 for a Salad? (SG) Why Would Anyone Eat a Salad in the First Place?
1:03 PM EST You Won't See Any Big Car Ads During the Super Bowl, Those Jeep Commercials Were Dreadful
12:57 PM EST The New Yorker is One of the Greatest Things to Ever Happen to Our Society
12:51 PM EST A Famous Mall is Becoming a Research Park, Alrighty Then!
12:50 PM EST Snap, Crackle, Pop, UpSnap Goes to the Birds, Another Terrible Company Name
12:47 PM EST Turns Out That Jake From State Farm Was Never Your Homey
12:46 PM EST It's the Cleanest Spot in the City, For a Reason
12:44 PM EST Macy's is Closing Five More Stores and Reducing Headcount
12:44 PM EST Nothing Like Announcing a New CEO on Friday Afternoon (CSPR)
12:41 PM EST LD Micro Weekender (OS Sunday Edition)
January 19, 2024
5:06 PM EST The Arena Group Announces Workforce Reductions
11:35 AM EST Kaman (KAMN) Gets Acquired by Arcline, 105% Premium
10:55 AM EST Mithaq Extends Premium Offer for Aimia to February 15, 2024
10:29 AM EST CSI Compressco LP Announces Quarterly Distribution
10:24 AM EST Some Crazy Sh*t is Going On With CRGE, Look at the Last Month
10:21 AM EST Ecolomondo Replaces a Member on its Board of Directors
10:18 AM EST The9's Chairman and CEO to Purchase No More Than 10% of The9 ADSs in the Open Market, I'm Confused
10:17 AM EST Kirkland's Home Promotes Miss Amy Sullivan to CEO
10:08 AM EST Zentek Announces Eric Wallman Appointed as Chairman of the Board
10:02 AM EST RYVYL Provides Revenue Guidance, Processing Volume of $3 Billion
9:56 AM EST Accelerate Diagnostics Announces Pricing of Approximately $15 Million Public Offering and Private Placement
January 18, 2024
2:12 PM EST LD Micro Welcomes AppTech Payments (APCX)
12:21 PM EST SurgePays Announces Pricing of $15 Million Public Offering
12:20 PM EST DMG Blockchain Solutions Announces Operational Update
12:19 PM EST Odd Burger Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer
12:19 PM EST Los Angeles County Awards 5 Year Contract to Genasys for Evacuation Management Solution
12:17 PM EST Newtek Small Business Loan Trust Securitizations Ratings Upgraded by S&P Global Ratings
12:16 PM EST Diamcor Announces Convertible Loan Financing
11:22 AM EST Vicinity Motor Issues Letter and Provides Corporate Update
11:19 AM EST Kona Gold is Doing Some Things
11:19 AM EST Nevada Canyon Announces Appointment of New Directors
10:59 AM EST Xtract One Technologies Named to 2024 OTCQX Best 50 for the Second Consecutive Year
January 17, 2024
11:21 AM EST Duos Secures $2.4 Million AI Subscription and Services Agreement, Nice
11:20 AM EST BARK Announces New Retail Commitment for Treats
11:20 AM EST Reborn Coffee Closes $1 Million Private Placement Equity Investment from Chairman Farooq Arjomand
11:19 AM EST CPSI Announces Divestment of American HealthTech to PointClickCare
11:15 AM EST AnalytixInsight Announces Management & Board Changes
11:13 AM EST SKYX Wins Two CES 2024 Awards, Congrats to Rani and the Team
11:12 AM EST Immuron Achieves Record Half Yearly Travelan Sales
11:10 AM EST FirstSun Capital and HomeStreet Announce Merger and $175 Million Equity Raise
11:08 AM EST Gilat Awarded $17 Million by Pronatel for Expansion of Regional Telecommunications Project in Peru, My Country
11:06 AM EST DocGo Provides Additional Information to Refute Misleading Short Seller "Report", Love the Use of Quotation
9:59 AM EST Vox Announces New Revolving Credit Facility of up to $25 Million with Bank of Montreal
January 16, 2024
3:33 PM EST Digital Brands Group Signs Letter of Intent to Open First Retail Store in March
3:32 PM EST Future FinTech Responds to Inquiry of CEO
3:30 PM EST Spirit is Getting Rocked Right Now
3:28 PM EST Burger King (QSR) to Acquire Carrols Restaurant Group (TAST)
3:24 PM EST Wrap Technologies Appoints Mr. Scot Cohen as CEO
3:22 PM EST Phunware is Up 400% Right Now and I Can't Find a Damn Reason Why, Over a Billion Shares Traded
3:16 PM EST Bion's New Patent Expands Coverage to Industrial and Municipal Waste Streams
3:16 PM EST Vaxart Announces $10.0 Million Registered Direct Offering with RA Capital Management
3:11 PM EST Allakos Announces a Restructuring to Focus on Development of AK006, Cut in Half Today
2:57 PM EST RocketFuel Provides Details on Downgrading to OTC Expert Market
January 15, 2024
6:22 AM EST Miss Coretta Scott King
5:41 AM EST Bonds
5:37 AM EST Message from the White House
5:32 AM EST Really Cool Facts About Dr. King
5:31 AM EST Happy Birthday Papa Jones
5:27 AM EST Dr. King in My Eyes Still Does Not Get the Respect He Deserves
5:21 AM EST only love can do that.
5:20 AM EST Hate cannot drive out hate;
5:18 AM EST only light can do that.
5:17 AM EST Darkness cannot drive out darkness;
January 13, 2024
4:39 AM EST Casper Re-Opens and Unveils New Sleep Shop Concept in Costa Mesa, California
4:37 AM EST I Used to Bend Like That: New Samsung Phone
4:34 AM EST California Had Only One City on the New York Times List, One
4:33 AM EST The Population of the Citi Will Be Smaller Moving Forward
4:30 AM EST Talk About Pulling Your Weight and Getting Promoted, Go Bulldogs!
4:28 AM EST Not Good if You Are a Quaker Oats Fan
4:27 AM EST An Icon on the Road Has Died
4:25 AM EST Boxers and Guns: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
4:23 AM EST To Insider Trade or Not to Insider Trade: That is the Question
4:21 AM EST LD Micro Weekender (OS Edition)
January 12, 2024
11:12 AM EST Sad News for Hockey Fans and the Entire Country of Canada
11:09 AM EST Supposedly A Lot of Interest in Docusign (DOCU)
11:04 AM EST The Best of CES 2024
11:04 AM EST Circle Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement for Proposed IPO
10:58 AM EST Applied UV Announces Launch of Fighter Flex LED Solution
10:56 AM EST Meta Materials Announces Proposed SEC Settlement
10:54 AM EST Some Management Changes at Aimia
10:53 AM EST Flexsteel Industries Reports Strong Preliminary Results for Q2, Up Nicely
10:29 AM EST ReWalk Robotics Expands Direct Sales Coverage to Canada
10:28 AM EST Inpixon Provides Update on Pending Strategic Transactions
January 11, 2024
4:16 PM EST Rare Sport News on Thursday, "Going to Move On" (Patriots)
1:58 PM EST Ceragon Signs an Agreement with a Global Integrator Valued at Approximately $150 Million
1:57 PM EST One of Our Friends Won an Incredible Award (BEEM)
1:48 PM EST Atlas Engineered Announces Debt Prepayment of $5 Million
1:45 PM EST Smith-Midland to Double the Size of North Carolina Plant
1:33 PM EST Let the Man Speak (DLPN)
1:31 PM EST Renesas to Acquire Transphorm, Wow
1:29 PM EST Guess This is a 2024 Thing as Well When it Comes to CFOs
1:28 PM EST Crown Electrokinetics Issues Letter to Shareholders
1:27 PM EST GBB Maintains Strong Position in its Ongoing Lawsuit with FSD Pharma After Court Refuses to Dismiss Case
1:25 PM EST Office Properties Income Trust Reduces Quarterly Dividend, Down a Ton
1:24 PM EST Global Credit Union to Acquire First Financial Northwest, All Time High
January 10, 2024
11:39 AM EST SurgePays Acquires ClearLine Mobile
11:37 AM EST Foresight CEO Letter to Shareholders
11:35 AM EST Key Tronic Corporation Announces Leadership Succession Plans, Six People Involved
11:34 AM EST Fury Reviews 2023 Achievements and Appoints CFO
11:33 AM EST BBTV Holdings Completes Going-Private Transaction
11:31 AM EST Independent Research Finds 100% Accuracy for Intellicheck Identity Validation Technology
11:29 AM EST Diamcor Update on the Diamond Industry and Company Focus for 2024 Forward
11:27 AM EST Atomera Updates Revenue Guidance for the Fourth Quarter of 2023
11:00 AM EST PEL 83 Exploration Campaign Update - Mopane-1X Significant Light Oil Discovery
10:53 AM EST ILUS Acquires the Majority Stake of Samsara Luggage
January 9, 2024
10:22 AM EST Atossa Therapeutics Issues Letter to Shareholders
10:20 AM EST AcelRx Announces Rebranding With Name Change to Talphera
10:19 AM EST CardioComm Solutions Appoints New CFO
10:14 AM EST HPE is Supposedly Looking to Buy Juniper Networks (JNPR)
9:58 AM EST DecisionPoint Systems Awards CEO Steve Smith With New Four-Year Contract
2:01 AM EST I Thought the Name Was Terrible, Going BK (AUDA)
1:55 AM EST Billy Joel Ticket Prices Surge Before Slate of One Night Only Shows, Look at the Range
1:51 AM EST PetMeds Announces new Chairman of the Board
1:50 AM EST Canada Silver Announces Name Change to Nord Precious Metals Mining
1:39 AM EST Boston Scientific Announces Agreement to Acquire Axonics
January 8, 2024
10:38 AM EST CalAmp Appoints Chris Adams as President and Chief Executive Officer
10:36 AM EST Solid Biosciences Announces $109 Million Private Placement
10:35 AM EST LifeMD Provides 2024 Financial Guidance
10:35 AM EST Ensysce Biosciences Issues 2024 Shareholder Letter
10:34 AM EST Kopin Receives $20.5 Million Contract for New Thermal Weapon Sight Configuration
10:34 AM EST TechPrecision Provides Update on Status of Votaw Acquisition
10:33 AM EST Round Table Pizza Announces Debut in Oklahoma and Arkansas
10:33 AM EST Entravision Announces Massive Expansion of Spanish-Language News Coverage
10:31 AM EST Ambrx Announces Sale to Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
10:30 AM EST Fortitude Gold Declares January 2024 Monthly Dividend, Key Word "Monthly"
10:29 AM EST Merck to Acquire Harpoon Therapeutics, Big Premium
January 7, 2024
11:33 AM EST "What Would You Like to Drink Today?" WATER IS FINE
11:28 AM EST Looking Forward to Hitting the Treadmill at 5 AM (Not "Exactly")
11:26 AM EST A Type of Sauce is Supposedly the Hottest Housing Market in the Country
11:24 AM EST The Man is Selling His Olympic Medals
11:21 AM EST What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!
11:15 AM EST A Turn for the Worse, Users and Beyond (Twitter/X)
11:08 AM EST Do Saks and Neiman Marcus Belong Together? My Answer: No
11:03 AM EST Today I Learned That Anthem is No Longer Called Anthem
11:01 AM EST What to Expect at CES 2024, One Full Day of Technology is Plenty
10:58 AM EST I'm Proud of Saying That I've Never Used It, Think it is a Sham
January 6, 2024
12:11 PM EST I Mean, It is a "Sticky" Product in More Ways Than One
12:08 PM EST I Just Want to Spend the Night at His House in Vancouver, See the Geothermal at Work
12:05 PM EST The "Kiss of Death" is Often Associated With a Recommendation from Jim Cramer
12:01 PM EST World's First AI Restaurant Set to Open in Pasadena, CaliExpress
11:54 AM EST This is Why No One Wants to Be a Micro-Cap Investor, Including Me
11:52 AM EST MedMen Exits Arizona Market, Completing Sale of Local Operations to MINT Cannabis
11:48 AM EST Interview of the Year with Katt Williams (The "Truth" Will Set You Free)
11:43 AM EST Part Time Horse Racer Puts Up Buzzer Beater
11:41 AM EST The New American Dream: Buying a Home With Donations, Not Your Own Labor
11:33 AM EST Famed Santa Monica Bakery Chain Abruptly Shutters, Kind Of Overrated
11:29 AM EST LD Micro Weekend (OS Edition, Sunday Edition)
January 5, 2024
10:50 AM EST Good Natured Products Appoints New Board Member
10:49 AM EST Standard BioTools Stockholders Approve Merger with SomaLogic
10:48 AM EST WiSA Technologies to Host CES Investor Open House on January 10th, 6:00 pm PT
10:46 AM EST Immunic Announces Private Placement of Up to $240 Million, Led by BVF
10:44 AM EST Genprex Provides Business Update and Outlook for 2024
10:43 AM EST Smart for Life Announces Completion of Audit for Pending Acquisition
10:42 AM EST OneSpan Announces Leadership Change
10:40 AM EST Bridgeline Releases "Smart Search" AI Product, Securing Over $60K in ARR
10:37 AM EST Dave Announces Repurchase of $100 Million Convertible Note from FTX for $71 Million
10:34 AM EST Katahdin Bankshares Announces Stock Buyback Program, One of the Few Companies From Maine
January 4, 2024
11:29 AM EST Sonic Foundry Announces Agreement to Sell its Mediasite Business to Enghouse Systems
11:26 AM EST Casa Systems Appoints Former Google Executive Santanu Dasgupta as Chief Technology Officer
11:24 AM EST Arena Group (AREN) Could Be in Play
11:16 AM EST authID Continues Growth Momentum with Strong Q4 Sales
11:15 AM EST Scinai Immunotherapeutics CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders
11:13 AM EST Portage Biotech Reports Business and Strategic Update
11:12 AM EST Yerbaé to Award $10,000 in Tuition to One Lucky Winner! A Dark Horse for 24
11:00 AM EST Starco Brands Celebrates Unprecedented Organic Growth of Winona Pure Popcorn Spray, Hosted Bowl Game
10:56 AM EST Galaxy Gaming and ODDSworks Debut Roulette Up in North America
10:48 AM EST Eastfield Resource's CEO Reviews the Company, Alrighty Then!
10:44 AM EST La Rosa Acquires Sixth Real Estate Brokerage Franchisee with Revenue of $4.3 Million and Positive Cash Flow in 2022
January 3, 2024
10:33 AM EST Innovative Food Holdings Announces Transition in Chief Financial Officer Role
10:30 AM EST Sonendo Partners With BEST for Dentistry to Continue Expanding Access to the Innovative GentleWave Procedure
10:26 AM EST DBGI Forecasts $27M to $30M in Revs, $6M to $7M in Internal Free Cash Flow and $1.5M to $2.0M in EBITDA for 2024
10:23 AM EST ABVC BioPharma and its Subsidiary Receive $460M From AiBtl BioPharma
10:19 AM EST Flux Power Issues Shareholder Letter and Corporate Update
10:04 AM EST Digital Ally Concludes 2023 With Over 110 New Subscription Customers During the Year
9:47 AM EST Entravision and Snap Inc. Enter Into a Strategic Partnership in APAC, Interesting
9:42 AM EST 42West Rebrands BHI to Fandoms & Franchises
9:37 AM EST Co-Diagnostics to Host Booth at CES 2024 January 9-12
January 2, 2024
10:45 AM EST Predictive Oncology to Participate in Upcoming San Francisco Conferences
10:43 AM EST XOMA Announces Stock Repurchase Program of up to $50 Million
10:42 AM EST It Begins (EDAP)
10:40 AM EST Via Renewables (VIA) to Be Acquired
10:37 AM EST urban-gro Secures Design-Build Contract Valued at Approximately $20 Million
10:33 AM EST Dyadic to Attend J.P. Morgan 42nd Annual Healthcare Conference
10:33 AM EST Mogo Repurchases 4.4% of Outstanding Shares Since June 2022
10:25 AM EST Gear Energy Confirms Monthly Dividend for January of $0.005 per Share
10:24 AM EST KULR to Introduce KULR ONE MAX at CES 2024
10:24 AM EST Lozynsky and Garofalo Join Goldbank Board of Directors
January 1, 2024
11:11 AM EST I Want to See Them Make it This Year
11:09 AM EST Pretty Cool That Certain Sites Still Do This
11:01 AM EST First PR of the New Year, Thankfully Not a CFO Change
11:00 AM EST They Were Lucky it Was Just Water After This Season
10:59 AM EST Coin Flip, Love the Pac-12 Especially After This Year, But I am a Longhorn
10:57 AM EST Been Binging on This Recently
10:55 AM EST A Legend in Texas Politics Has Passed On
10:54 AM EST Rose Bowl Time
10:53 AM EST First Buyout of the Year, Already
10:50 AM EST Here is to a Safe, Healthy, Peaceful, and Prosperous 2024
December 31, 2023
10:44 AM EST 2024 is the Year it Happens
10:41 AM EST I Do New Year Resolutions Every Day During the Year
10:32 AM EST Today is 12/31/23 is 1-2-3-1-2-3
10:27 AM EST Lions Should Have Won the Game (Coming from a Cowboys Fan)
10:24 AM EST Zulily Go Bye Bye
10:19 AM EST I Mean, They Make Decent Phones?!
10:15 AM EST A Demographic Time Bomb Is About to Hit the Beef Industry
10:12 AM EST Perhaps the Last Press Release of 2023
10:10 AM EST Perhaps the Last Earnings Report of 2023 (ELLO)
9:58 AM EST The Final Update of 2023 (OS, Weekend Edition)
December 29, 2023
11:05 AM EST Gatekeeper Reports $27.8M Revenue, 39% YoY Growth in FY 2023, and Improves Net Income by 50% to $2.9M
11:03 AM EST Chimerix Appoints Lisa Decker to Board of Directors
11:02 AM EST Aztec Announces Appointments of CFO and Controller, How About One More Before the Year Comes to a Close!
11:01 AM EST BTQ Announces Participation and Sponsorship at CfC St. Moritz Conference
11:00 AM EST Fortress Biotech Announces Pricing of $11 Million Registered Direct Offering
10:53 AM EST Mobivity's Successful Partnerships With Mobile Game Developers Deliver Millions of Consumer Transactions to Brands
10:49 AM EST BIT Mining Limited Agrees to Sell its Mining Pool Business
10:45 AM EST Round Table Pizza Makes $100,000 Donation to Maui United Way, Very Nice of Them
10:44 AM EST Nicola Mining Announces Prepayment of Convertible Debentures
10:38 AM EST Safeguard Scientifics Announces Stock Split Ratios to Effectuate the Going Dark Transaction
December 28, 2023
10:19 AM EST Bridgeline Announces Financial Results for the Fourth Quarter of Fiscal 2023
10:17 AM EST 1847 Holdings Announces 1-for-4 Reverse Split
10:14 AM EST CytoSorbents Provides Update on the STAR-T Trial, Roller Coaster Year
10:11 AM EST Mene Announces Full Repayment of Goldmoney Precious Metals Loan
10:11 AM EST Replimune to Present at the 42nd Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
10:10 AM EST Smith-Midland Appoints New Members to its Board of Directors
10:06 AM EST WiSA E Wireless Audio Software Implemented on Formovie Projector at CES
10:04 AM EST LM Funding Sells Symbiont's Blockchain Technology to Platonic Holdings
9:56 AM EST ClearOne Announces Significant Balance Sheet Improvements
9:55 AM EST Dixie Gold Inc. -- Disclosure Update to Previously Announced Takeover Transaction
December 27, 2023
3:34 AM EST Protalix BioTherapeutics Issues 2024 Letter to Stockholders
3:33 AM EST Salem Media Group Announces the Sale of Regnery Publishing
3:32 AM EST Metro One Announces Something Something, Reverse Merger, Something VR Company, WOWI!
3:31 AM EST Hits Keep on Coming: 1st Capital Bancorp Announces Joel Keller as EVP and CFO
3:30 AM EST 1st Capital Bancorp Announces Appointment of Laura Zehm to Board of Directors
3:29 AM EST SomaLogic Issues Statement Correcting Madryn Asset Management's Misleading Disclosure, Kept Receipts
3:28 AM EST Comstock Acquires Development Site in Rockville, MD
3:27 AM EST Axogen Appoints Kathy Weiler to its Board of Directors
3:24 AM EST Parts iD (ID) Goes BK, I Don't Mean Burger King Either
3:20 AM EST Gracell Bio (GRCL) to be Acquired by AstraZeneca (AZN)
December 26, 2023
12:18 PM EST electroCore Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio
12:14 PM EST Tarena Signs Equity Transfer Agreement to Dispose of Professional Education Business
12:12 PM EST Connexa Reports Impressive Feedback for Slinger Artificial Intelligence App
12:05 PM EST Inspired Announces CFO Transition, Felt Like Over a Thousand CFO Changes in 2023
12:03 PM EST Daré Bioscience Secures $12 million in Royalty-backed Investment Structure
11:59 AM EST Immunome to Acquire Antibody-Related Assets and Materials from Atreca
11:57 AM EST The ONE Group Hospitality Opens STK Salt Lake City, Great Happy Hour
11:56 AM EST Vyant Bio Provides Update on Winddown Activities
11:53 AM EST Scott's Liquid Gold Announces Definitive Merger Agreement With Horizon Kinetics
11:50 AM EST Bristol Myers Squibb to Acquire RayzeBio, True Daily Double
December 24, 2023
10:20 AM EST Merry Christmas Folks! Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Orthodox New Year as Well
10:18 AM EST Time for Some Icelandic Forklore
10:15 AM EST More Home Alone Real Estate for Sale
10:12 AM EST Never a Bad Time to Protest Deals, Not Even on Christmas Eve
10:11 AM EST Will Be Interesting to See What Happens to These Malls
10:09 AM EST Sadly, I'm a Last Minute Shopper, What to Do, What to Do, I Know
10:08 AM EST LOVE IT: Q-School is Back, One of the Ultimate Tests in All of Sports, Golf is a Sport
10:07 AM EST For Me, Eggnog is Like Turkey, Acceptable and Delicious Once a Year
10:05 AM EST Somehow, Somewhere, Someone Heard My Conversation
10:04 AM EST It Took Them Three Days to Deliver One Piece of Mail Less Than Three Miles
9:58 AM EST LD Micro (OS, Weekend, Christmas Edition)
December 22, 2023
9:56 AM EST Gulf Resources Announces Management Sale of Shares, Read the Release
9:51 AM EST Advent Technologies is Down a Lot on Big Volume Today
9:41 AM EST Daseke to be Acquired by TFI International
9:37 AM EST Statement from the Board of Directors of Procaps Group
9:33 AM EST One Liberty Properties Raises $63 Million From Sale of 12 Assets in 2023
9:32 AM EST enCore Energy Announces Change of Chief Financial Officer
9:29 AM EST Netcapital Announces Pricing of $4 Million Public Offering
9:28 AM EST G. Willi-Food Wants to Eat Their Own Food (Shares)
9:25 AM EST Tempus Announces Delisting from the TSX Venture Exchange
9:23 AM EST UEI (UEIC) Announces Cooperation Agreement with Immersion (IMMR)
December 21, 2023
6:49 PM EST Hamilton Thorne Appoints Dr. Ekaterina (Kate) Torchilin as President and CEO
6:48 PM EST Luna Announces $50 Million Strategic Investment from White Hat Capital Partners
6:46 PM EST Unisys Wins Coveted "The Drum Award" in the B2B Rebrand or Relaunch Category, Thought it was the "Dumb Award"
6:46 PM EST Inc. Announces $18 Million Commitment from Prosperity Investment Management, Finally, Some Good News for a Change
6:45 PM EST KonaTel Announces Closing of a $5 Million Secured Credit Facility
6:44 PM EST Tayon Named CPO at American Outdoor Brands, This Man is So Cool, Only Goes By His Last Name
6:43 PM EST Lowell Farms Announces Resignation of Board Member Brian Shure
6:21 PM EST SomaLogic Issues Letter to Stockholders Reiterating Recommendation for Value Maximizing Merger with Standard BioTools
6:20 PM EST MeiraGTx Announces Asset Purchase Agreement
6:13 PM EST ZimVie Announces Definitive Agreement to Sell Spine Business to H.I.G. Capital for $375 Million
December 20, 2023
10:30 AM EST The ONE Group Hospitality Opens STK Boston, Good Happy Hour
10:29 AM EST Beam Global Announces Increase in Orders from County-Level Government Entities
10:28 AM EST ICZOOM Awarded Most Popular IPO Company with Investors, Interesting
10:27 AM EST red violet Announces Additional $5 Million Share Repurchase Authorization
10:22 AM EST Esports Entertainment Group Announces Reverse Stock Split, You Should Take a Look
10:21 AM EST Limoneira Declares Quarterly Dividend
10:18 AM EST The Most Intelligent Good Looking Man in Small Cap Has a New Position
10:16 AM EST BrainStorm Issues 2023 Letter to Shareholders
10:15 AM EST Track Group Reports Fiscal 2023 Financial Results, Christmas in Five Days
10:07 AM EST KULR Announces Pricing of $900,000 Public Offering of Common Stock
10:02 AM EST BIRD LAYS A TURD, Our April Fools Joke (2021)
9:54 AM EST ChromaDex Supports the US Military with its Industry Leading NAD+ Supplement, Tru Niagen
8:59 AM EST Mr. Wilbur L. Ross, Former United States Secretary of Commerce, Joins Board of Coya Therapeutics
December 19, 2023
10:19 AM EST Snipp Interactive Reports Financial Results for Fiscal 2022
10:18 AM EST Kodiak Gas Services to Acquire CSI Compressco in All-Equity Transaction
10:15 AM EST Peraso Announces 1-for-40 Reverse Stock Split
10:09 AM EST S&W Seed Company Appoints Jeffrey Rona to Its Board of Directors, All Time Low
10:03 AM EST Optex Systems Reports Year End Results, Stock is at 5-Year High
9:59 AM EST Crexendo Continues Rapid Growth, Surpasses Four Million Users
9:55 AM EST Patent Granted to IGC Pharma for Groundbreaking Drug Formulation to Treat Agitation in Alzheimer's
9:48 AM EST Stratabound Announces CEO Retirement & Appoints Interim CEO
9:46 AM EST CasinoTrac & TransAct Announce Industry First Floor-wide, Single-Wire Printing Solution
9:45 AM EST Mary Ann Halford Appointed to Cineverse Board of Directors
December 18, 2023
12:48 PM EST Masonite (DOOR) Announces Acquisition of PGT Innovations (PGTI)
11:07 AM EST SG Enterprises II Submits Non-Binding Offer To Acquire Trilogy, No Idea What is Going On
11:05 AM EST Organigram Announces Appointment of Greg Guyatt as CFO, Snazzy Photo
11:02 AM EST Tembo Announces Change of Name
10:54 AM EST Save the Date: LuxUrban Hotels to Host Investor Day on February 6, 2024
10:51 AM EST Limoneira Announces Change to Board of Directors
10:48 AM EST Ebix Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Texas
10:46 AM EST DocuSign Declines to Comment on Reported Exploration of Sale
10:42 AM EST Alteryx Enters into Agreement to Be Acquired by Clearlake Capital and Insight Partners
10:38 AM EST Nippon Steel Corporation (NPSCY) to Acquire U. S. Steel (USX), Wow
10:37 AM EST Adobe and Figma Will Not Go Through, Deal Was Announced 15 Months Ago
10:25 AM EST Biomerica Received US FDA 510(k) Clearance for Hp Detect
December 17, 2023
3:03 PM EST This Christmas, Let's Pay Attention to the Donkey and Lessons We Need to Learn
3:01 PM EST How to Keep Your Orchid Blooming
3:00 PM EST Persian Cuisine, Ancient and Enduring, at Nasrin’s Kitchen
2:59 PM EST One of LA’s Most Lauded Modern Cantonese Restaurants Is Closing in Silver Lake
2:57 PM EST Orphan Trains and Children’s Aid: The Compassion of Charles Loring Brace
2:55 PM EST Record 15.4 Million Californians Traveling for Year-End Holidays
2:49 PM EST Class of 2024: Hagerty's Top Ten Classic Cars for Upcoming Year
2:47 PM EST The True Story of the New Metropolitan Opera Opening Night
2:44 PM EST Some Rents are Going Down, Not Surprising
2:43 PM EST Cartier's New High Jewelry Collection Looks to the Past to Imagine Its Future
December 16, 2023
11:52 AM EST "I'll Take Helium-3 for $800, Alex"
11:48 AM EST The Best Suits for Men Under $1,000
11:47 AM EST Rams Host Commanders at SoFi Stadium Tomorrow
11:46 AM EST Lyle Lovett to Perform In San Ramon, I Can't Name a Single Song
11:44 AM EST Costco is Selling Gold, Can You Return if the Price Goes Down?
11:41 AM EST A Humble Christmas Tree Just Sold at Auction
11:39 AM EST LeBron James' Shot Over Victor Wembanyama, Spurs Snapped an 18-Game Losing Streak
11:36 AM EST Thai Food (3 of the Top Ten in 2023)
11:35 AM EST Chobani Acquires La Colombe
11:35 AM EST Citigroup is Closing Shop in One Department
11:31 AM EST LD Micro Weekend Edition (Parentals)
December 15, 2023
2:14 PM EST BrainChip Previews Industry's First Edge Box Powered by Neuromorphic AI IP, Yes
2:13 PM EST Ault Alliance Receives an Investment of $41.5 Million from Ault & Company
2:13 PM EST Battalion Oil Announces Acquisition By Fury Resources, Nice Premium
2:12 PM EST TFF Pharmaceuticals Announces Reverse Stock Split, My Home Town
2:11 PM EST Awakn Life Sciences Provides Corporate Update
2:11 PM EST Lovesac Unveils Swarovski Crystal Embellished Footsac, What's Next on the Body?
2:10 PM EST Detroit Tigers Unleash Second-Largest Video Display in Baseball from Daktronics, Still a Crappy Team
2:10 PM EST Cartier Resources Grants Stock Options, Not the Jeweler
2:09 PM EST Kansas City Life Announces Sale of Real Estate, Coincidentally, in Oregon, Nice Gain
2:08 PM EST Oregon Bancorp Announces Quarterly Dividend, Go Ducks!
December 14, 2023
12:18 PM EST Lifecore Biomedical Provides Business Update
12:17 PM EST BioHarvest Sciences Announces Major Product Launch of VINIA-Based Functional Coffees, Whoa!
12:14 PM EST Reneo Pharma Announces Results from Pivotal STRIDE Study, Down 84% Right Now
12:13 PM EST Amtech Fourth Quarter Fiscal 2023 Business Update
12:10 PM EST Nuvve Releases Letter to Stockholders, Stock Has Been Crushed This Year
12:09 PM EST Invitae Divests Ciitizen Health Data Platform and Implements Further Cost Cuts
12:07 PM EST Zedge Announces First Quarter Fiscal 2024 Results
12:05 PM EST Argentum Announces AGSM Results and Appointment of New CFO
12:02 PM EST Windfall Geotek Announces Appointment of a CEO
11:56 AM EST Digital Ally Announces Deferred Revenue Surpasses $10 Million Mark
December 12, 2023
9:23 AM EST LightPath Announces Initial $4.7 Million Dollar Order from Lockheed Martin
9:21 AM EST The Arena Group Announces Termination Of CEO Ross Levinsohn, Appoints Manoj Bhargava As Interim CEO
9:18 AM EST Reliq Health Announces Management Changes, Good Bye Norma Jean
9:16 AM EST Harbor Custom Development Announces Chapter 11
9:13 AM EST Power Nickel Files Complaint on Widespread Potential Illegal Short Selling of its Shares
9:12 AM EST CSP, One of the Big Winners in 2023 Reports Results
8:59 AM EST electroCore Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio for Nerve Stimulation Technology
8:56 AM EST Intensity Therapeutics Appoints Joseph Talamo, CPA, as Chief Financial Officer
8:51 AM EST L'usine D'electrolytes de VanadiumCorp est Approuvee pour le Transport au Quebec (LD in French)
8:47 AM EST Aditxt Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire Evofem Biosciences
8:39 AM EST Sigyn Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Jerry DeCiccio as Chief Financial Officer
8:36 AM EST Icosavax Announces Agreement to be Acquired by AstraZeneca
8:29 AM EST Peraso Announces New Customer Partnership Utilizing X130 Chipset
December 11, 2023
10:44 AM EST Macy's is Supposedly on Sale, Two Weeks Before Christmas No Less
10:42 AM EST FiscalNote Announces Strategic Commercial Partnership, Been a Long 2023 For Them as Well
10:41 AM EST Mistango Appoints Jamie Spratt as CEO
10:39 AM EST CareRx Corporation Announces $70 million Debt Refinancing
10:39 AM EST Harfang Announces Management Changes, Presidente Nuevo
10:37 AM EST Altamira Therapeutics Provides Investor and Business Update, Based Out of Basel and Burmuda
10:36 AM EST SKYX and GE Sign a Five-Year Renewal
10:35 AM EST American Software files FY23 10-K/A and Q1 FY24 10-Q/A, Very "Technical" PR
10:34 AM EST Rover Metals Prepares Cabin Lake Gold Project for Sale, Needs Working Capital for 2024
10:33 AM EST UEI is Already Getting Ready for CES
December 10, 2023
10:38 AM EST I Don't Know Why, But I Like Them
10:37 AM EST I've Done This With Silver Dollars, Never Made the News
10:34 AM EST Comment Section is Gold (Full Disclosure: Profanities)
10:21 AM EST Outside of the Majors, I am Not Watching Golf This Year, What's the Point?
10:18 AM EST Tom Brady, Statistically the GOAT, Novak, Same Thing in Tennis (60 Minutes)
10:15 AM EST I Still Don't Know What the Hell is Going on in the NBA
10:12 AM EST Holiday Office Party Seasons: Tools of the Trade
10:10 AM EST For the Insomniacs Out There
10:07 AM EST How to Make a Chamomile Old Fashioned, Jiminy Christmas
9:57 AM EST NEWS Tesla Whistleblower Says 'Autopilot' System Is Not Safe Enough To Be Used On Public Roads
December 9, 2023
4:33 PM EST Now Where Did I Put That, Ummm, Rocket Launcher, Oh There is It!
4:06 PM EST Had a Great Call With These Guys, Topical HgH, About to Get Ripped (No, I am Not)
4:03 PM EST A Dog Named Snoopy is the "Toy of the Season", It's the Jacket Dummy
4:01 PM EST Gamestop to Become Berkshire, Good Luck
3:59 PM EST Another CFO Post, Has to Be Over 1,000+ CFO Changes in 2023, Not Kidding
3:57 PM EST Greedflation: I am Telling You, We are Being Scammed on the Food Side of Things
3:54 PM EST Mickie D's is Opening a New Chain Called CosMc's, Focus on Coffee
3:50 PM EST He is Riding Shotgun With Me This Week, Norway-Iran, White Mini-Van
3:48 PM EST No Smiles for Anyone at SmileDirectClub, A Turd of Epic Proportions
3:45 PM EST Truly One of the Greats (Brosnan Interview, Very Touching)
3:36 PM EST Ohtani to Dodgers, $70 MIL Per Year (More Than the Entire A's Roster)
December 8, 2023
4:54 PM EST Delta Apparel Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Fiscal 2023 Results
2:37 PM EST Xtract One Releases Record First Quarter Results, A Name We Want at LD in 2024
2:07 PM EST Virco Reports Record 3rd Quarter and YTD Results, Solid All Around
2:06 PM EST Green Thumb Announces Retirement of Richard Drexler from Board of Directors
2:00 PM EST POET Technologies Earns High Praise from Industry Expert in New e-Book
1:58 PM EST Axos Closes Purchase of Two Loan Portfolios from the FDIC, Up Big
1:57 PM EST VerifyMe announces Share Repurchase Plan and Changes to Board Compensation Program
1:56 PM EST Ember Completes Acquisition of H2O Innovation, Bye Bye
1:55 PM EST Intensity Presents Positive INT230-6 Data in Patients with Early-Stage Breast Cancer
10:58 AM EST California Community College Expands with 17-Device Order
December 7, 2023
10:42 AM EST No One Will Guess Who This Is.....
10:32 AM EST Save Foods Targeting US Carbon Credit Market with Majority Ownership in Newly- Formed Nitrousink
10:23 AM EST Kewaunee Scientific Reports Results for Second Quarter of Fiscal Year 2024
10:14 AM EST Cyngn Granted 17th U.S. Patent for its AI-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, Daily Double
10:11 AM EST G6 Materials Shares CEO Update Letter
10:10 AM EST ARC Announces Quarterly Dividend, A Name We Want at LD in 2024
10:04 AM EST AYRO to be Featured on Viewpoint Series with Dennis Quaid, Pretty Cool
10:01 AM EST Wynnefield Capital is Concerned (TPCS)
9:56 AM EST Luna Secures Large, Multi-Unit Follow-on Order Under Agreement with Northrop Grumman
9:53 AM EST Red Cat Holdings Announces Pricing of Public Offering
December 6, 2023
4:58 PM EST Six Years Ago, Today, We Have Come a Long Way
11:41 AM EST White Roses are Beautiful
11:38 AM EST Axogen Announces Transition of Finance Team Leadership, A Nice Way of Not Saying "Change in CFO"
11:35 AM EST Vera Bradley Announces Third Quarter FY24 Results, A Name We Follow Closely
11:12 AM EST Outlook Therapeutics Announces Strategic Organizational Realignment, Rough Year for Them
11:11 AM EST Yerbaé Sweepstakes Offers Free Tickets to the Bowl Game, Pick Me! Pick Me!
11:11 AM EST IGC Pharma Announces Collaboration to Integrate AI into Clinical Trials, Nice Folks
11:06 AM EST Clarus Reports Status of HAP Trading Short-Swing Profit Litigation, Wow
11:02 AM EST Neonode Awarded by Leading Commercial Vehicle OEM to Supply MultiSensing Driver Monitoring Software
11:01 AM EST LD Micro Alumnus, Fortitude Gold Declares December 2023 Monthly Dividend
10:54 AM EST Wrap Technologies Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Functionality for Wrap Intrensic Body-Worn Camera Solution
10:51 AM EST Huge Congrats to Our Friends in SLC (SERA), Moms Rejoice!
10:43 AM EST IPA Announces Pricing of $1.1 Million Public Offering of Common Shares, Five Year Low
December 5, 2023
1:21 PM EST I Approve This Message
12:28 PM EST Fresh Vine Wine Set to Merge With Notes Live
11:17 AM EST Vanstar Announces Friendly Acquisition by IAMGOLD
11:15 AM EST POET Technologies Issues Letter to Shareholders
10:39 AM EST NEXGEL Acquires Kenkoderm Psoriasis Skincare Line
10:07 AM EST Nxu Announces CFO Transition, Maybe 1,000 CFO Press Releases This Year
10:03 AM EST Leading Tier 1 European Mobile Operator Signs New SafePath Multiyear Contract with Smith Micro
9:58 AM EST SOHM Announces Business Outlook for 2024, Pretty Ambitious for a Two Million Dollar Company
1:53 AM EST RMCF Appoints Steve Craig to Its Board, Chairman Truffles is Quite Pleased
1:51 AM EST Sonic Foundry Announces Delisting from Nasdaq, Down 90% in Two Years
1:44 AM EST NextPlay Technologies Receives Notice from Nasdaq
1:43 AM EST PAVmed Announces Dividend of Lucid Diagnostics Common Stock and Reverse Stock Split
1:43 AM EST El Pollo Loco Announces $12.6 Million Repurchase Agreement, They Sell Dry Chicken
1:41 AM EST Odyssey Marine Exploration Secures Strategic Debt Financing Deal
December 4, 2023
12:09 PM EST Digital Brands Group Announces Conversion of All Remaining Pre-Funded Warrants, Removing Overhang of Shares
12:08 PM EST Rumble in the Canadian Jungle
11:48 AM EST Maybe Top 5 Press Release of the Year, Maybe
11:46 AM EST Alterity Therapeutics Reports Positive Efficacy Data for ATH434 in a Primate Model of Parkinson's Disease
11:39 AM EST RiceBran Technologies Secures Investment from Funicular Funds, LP
11:30 AM EST California Nanotechnologies Provides Year End Business and Operational Update
11:28 AM EST Crimson Wine Group Names Adam Howell Chief Financial Officer
11:25 AM EST 180 Life Sciences Engages Financial Advisor to Explore Strategic Alternatives
11:20 AM EST American Vanguard Hires Chief Transformation Officer, A New One For Me
11:17 AM EST U Power Limited Announces Pricing of Registered Follow-on Offering
10:13 AM EST Brad Jacobs to Lead Equity Investment of $1 Billion in SilverSun (SSNT), Wow
December 3, 2023
7:30 PM EST Rover Agrees to be Acquired by Blackstone in $2.3 Billion Transaction
7:26 PM EST Review: Peloton Row, Did Not Even Know This Came Out!
7:23 PM EST Exercise is Beneficial, Who Would Have Thought?
7:22 PM EST I've Been Having Trouble Sleeping, I Don't Think Any of These Will Work
7:13 PM EST Blackberry Was an Amazing Movie, Full Disclosure: I'm a Nerd
7:12 PM EST 14 Best Eye Creams for Wrinkles in 2024, I Like #14
7:06 PM EST Let the Kitties Stay
6:57 PM EST Alaska Air To Buy Hawaiian Airlines For 270% Premium
6:54 PM EST Florida State Got Robbed. Straight Up.
6:43 PM EST Insane News for the World of Golf, Balls are Important
December 2, 2023
3:41 PM EST You Had Me at Free Hot Chocolate, The Intercontinental in NYC However ($9.50 per cup)
3:39 PM EST Coffee Should Not Be This Expensive
3:37 PM EST Steve Has Been Busy, I'll Give Him That
3:35 PM EST San Juan Basin Royalty Trust Announces Adjournment of Special Meeting, Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes
3:34 PM EST Paste Magazine Acquires Jezebel From G/O Media in All-Cash Deal
3:32 PM EST The "Truck" is Coming, and I Believe That Many Nerds Will Buy Them, Parking is Another Issue
3:28 PM EST Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, How Much I Love Thee
3:24 PM EST I Think My Dad May Have Had a Hand in This, Still the Only Person to be Banned at the Rio
3:22 PM EST Most Startups Should and Will Die, Let's Be Real
3:21 PM EST LD Micro Weekend: Longhorn Edition "Hook 'Em Horns"
December 1, 2023
12:33 PM EST POSaBIT Reports Q3 Results, Kudos to Ryan and the Team
12:31 PM EST LuxUrban Hotels to Operate Two New Four-Star Boutique Hotels in New York City
12:30 PM EST Polar Power Announces Pricing of Public Offering, Cut in Half
12:29 PM EST Ault Alliance Announces That TurnOnGreen's Common Stock is Now Quoted
12:28 PM EST Maritime Announces Board and Management Changes, Four Moving Parts
12:27 PM EST LINKBANCORP and Partners Bancorp Complete Transformational Combination, What a Terrible Name
12:26 PM EST Spectral Medical Announces CFO Departure, The Year of the CFO Continues
12:25 PM EST Reborn Coffee Announces Grand Opening of Flagship Store in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
12:23 PM EST Limoneira Announces Process to Explore Strategic Alternatives, Wow
12:21 PM EST Cosmos Health Announces Patent Filing for its Obesity and Weight Management Product, The New Gold Rush
November 30, 2023
10:43 AM EST VSBLTY Announces 2023 Third Quarter Financial Results, Released Right Before Midnight
10:41 AM EST Yerbaé Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results
10:35 AM EST Big Lots Appoints Off-Price Retail Veterans to Leadership Team, Reported Q3 Results
10:33 AM EST Sol-Gel Technologies Screens First Patient for SGT-610 Phase 3 Study
10:31 AM EST Eneti Announces Closing of a $436.0 Million Credit Facility and Sale of Two NG2500X Vessels
10:29 AM EST Femasys Announces the Appointment of James Liu, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer
10:26 AM EST Reborn Coffee Announces Conversion of $1.0 Million of Outstanding Debt into Common Equity
10:25 AM EST The Joint Chiropractic is Named a Proud Partner of the St. Louis Blues
10:24 AM EST Deion "Coach Prime" Sanders Named 2023 SI Sportsperson of the Year
10:21 AM EST Gaucho Seizes New Opportunities with NASDAQ Extension and Argentine Economic Revival, Stock is Down 90% in Six Months
10:18 AM EST AbbVie to Acquire ImmunoGen, Big Premium
November 29, 2023
9:45 AM EST A Legend Has Passed On, No One Will Replicate What Charlie Achieved
9:35 AM EST GSI Technology Teams Up with UC Riverside, Pretty Cool
9:34 AM EST Boardwalktech Reports Q2, One of the Dark Horses at LD
9:29 AM EST Mineral Mountain Going Through All Sorts of Changes, Including, You Guessed It, New CFO
9:27 AM EST Eagle Pharmaceuticals Announces Management Change
9:23 AM EST Former 'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick and Chris Dalto Join The Real Brokerage
9:21 AM EST ENDRA Life Sciences Secures 39th U.S. Patent for TAEUS System Technology
9:19 AM EST Biorem Reports Third Quarter Results, Record Order Backlog and Quarterly EPS of $0.03
9:16 AM EST SKYX Announces Product Collaboration With Kichler
9:14 AM EST LCNB Agrees to Acquire Eagle Financial Bancorp
8:58 AM EST Blink Charging to Provide Mack Trucks' Customers with Fleet EV Infrastructure
November 28, 2023
10:43 AM EST RedHill Biopharma Doubles Again on FDA Grant News Yesterday
10:40 AM EST PDS Biotech Appoints Lars Boesgaard as Chief Financial Officer
10:39 AM EST Yerbaé Unveils Exciting Innovation: Exclusive Branded Product with Happy Valley United
10:24 AM EST Reborn Coffee and KIB Sign MOU for $5 Million Investment
10:23 AM EST Mama's Creations Launches Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Platform, One of the Rare Winners of 2023
10:22 AM EST LeBron Sets Another NBA Record
10:21 AM EST Red Cat Announces Management Changes
10:20 AM EST 180 Life Sciences Announces Review of Strategic Alternatives
10:19 AM EST NanoVibronix Announces Agreement for Clinical Study of UroShield at the University of Michigan
10:16 AM EST Kraken Robotics Reports Record Results, Congrats to Greg and the Team
2:25 AM EST Research Solutions Announces Acquisition of scite
1:27 AM EST authID Announces Closing of $9.4 Million Registered Direct Offering
1:17 AM EST LifeVantage Appoints Raymond Greer as Chairman of the Board of Directors
November 27, 2023
11:58 PM EST Wells Fargo Announces Expansion at Hudson Yards
11:58 PM EST Organicell Announces 1-for-200 Reverse Stock Split
11:57 PM EST inTEST Corporation Announces Stock Repurchase Plan
11:56 PM EST Delisting and Cancellation of Trading From the London Stock Exchange
11:53 PM EST 22nd Century Group Enters into Agreement to Sell Hemp/Cannabis Franchise
November 25, 2023
3:11 AM EST 11/25/23: I Want My "Little Debbie" Inside Me
3:07 AM EST 10 Best Mens Robes for 2023
3:06 AM EST This Is The View From The $4.4M Bugatti Bolide’s Carbon Bucket Seat, I'll Stick With My Truck
3:05 AM EST Coinbase Stock Hits 18-Month High Alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum
3:02 AM EST How You Make a Hermès Silk Scarf
2:59 AM EST BARK Announces Receipt of Notice of Non-Compliance with the NYSE Continued Listing Standards, Woof
2:58 AM EST 9 of the Best Late-Night Restaurants in LA, Burger King Sadly Absent
2:56 AM EST Suzanne Shepherd, ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Goodfellas’ Mother, Dies at 89
2:56 AM EST Ancient Mosque in Afghanistan is Discovered to Be One of the Oldest Monuments of Islam
2:52 AM EST The Best Chocolate Cake You'll Ever Make
November 24, 2023
10:31 AM EST Quebec Rare Earth Elements Announces Change in Management and REE Opportunity
10:30 AM EST PGA Will Be Offering Equity to the Players, I Still Don't Know How This Will Work, SI Does
10:28 AM EST Stellantis Inaugurates its First Circular Economy Hub in Turin, Italy, No Idea
10:25 AM EST FP Newspapers Announces Appointment of Secretary, Big "News", Get It, Haha, I"ll Be Here All Night Folks
10:21 AM EST Redishred Capital Announces Strong Q3 2023 Results
10:20 AM EST Rare Painting Found in Someone's House is Sold to the Louvre for $26 Million
10:17 AM EST Amazon to Win Unconditional EU Nod for iRobot Deal
10:14 AM EST Shoal Point Files Lawsuit Against Newfoundland and Labrador
10:11 AM EST iClick Interactive (ICLK) Enters into an Agreement to Go Private
9:58 AM EST Versus Systems Announces Strategic Investment from Cronus Equity
November 23, 2023
11:10 AM EST All Day, Every Day, Judgement Day, Groundhog Day Should Be a Federal Holiday, Must Be on the Table
11:07 AM EST Huge Difference Between Stuffing and Dressing: I'll Take Both
11:04 AM EST We Need to Fry More Things on Thanksgiving, This is a Great Start
11:02 AM EST I've Golfed Twice in Two Years, I Really, Really, Really Need a Play a Round or 30
11:01 AM EST I Don't Why, I Just Love This
10:58 AM EST No More Noble Cause Than Feeding Those That Are Hungry
10:50 AM EST The Best Black Friday Deals Because Why Not?
10:29 AM EST The World Does Not Need Another "Culinary Creator", Please Pass the Gravy
10:15 AM EST Today is the Only Day that the Canadians Outnumber U.S. Press Releases
9:59 AM EST The Ultimate Day of Love and Appreciation: Happy Thanksgiving to All!
November 22, 2023
10:12 AM EST Red Robin Introduces Thing That Reminds Me of a "Black Card"
10:10 AM EST Nordstrom Reports Third Quarter 2023 Earnings
10:05 AM EST Urgent - Food Recall Because of Potential Undeclared Allergen Due to Mislabel
10:04 AM EST Deveron Reports Fiscal Q1/2024 Financial Results and Improvement to Cost Structure
10:03 AM EST Adventus and Luminex Announce Merger
10:01 AM EST High Tide Announces Purchases of Shares by Insiders
10:00 AM EST Red White & Bloom Provides Update Relating to Aleafia Health, Based in Canada
10:00 AM EST POET Comments on Recent Market Activity
9:58 AM EST Bay Community Bancorp Announces CFO Retirement, 2023: The Year of the CFO
9:57 AM EST Cineverse Inks Global Commercial YouTube Channel Agreement with Little Dot Studios, Stock is Down 90% in One Year
November 21, 2023
11:26 AM EST KITS Announces Record Eyeglasses Revenue in Week Leading into Black Friday
11:26 AM EST Lantronix Appoints Saleel Awsare to Its Board of Directors
11:25 AM EST Xtract One Announces Strong Preliminary First Quarter 2024 Results
11:23 AM EST CPI Aerostructures Receives $4.4M Orders from Embraer for Engine Inlet Assemblies
11:23 AM EST Xeriant's Thanksgiving Message to its Shareholders and Business Partners
11:21 AM EST Jet.AI Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results
11:20 AM EST The Real Good Food Company Announces Definitive Debt Refinancing Agreement to Enhance Liquidity
4:40 AM EST KonaTel Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
4:39 AM EST Origin Materials Announces Organizational Streamlining to Support Priority Initiatives
4:37 AM EST AYRO Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Provides Corporate Update
4:25 AM EST FiscalNote Announces Retention of Financial Advisor by the Special Committee of the BOD
November 20, 2023
10:25 AM EST NanoString Comments on Delaware District Court Verdict
10:20 AM EST Medical Facilities Corporation Appoints Jason Redman as its Permanent CEO
10:19 AM EST Ucore Receives a $4.28 Million Funding Agreement from the Government of Canada
10:15 AM EST VoIP-Pal Has Successfully Defeated An Ex Parte Reexamination Challenge Against the '606 Patent
10:10 AM EST ME2C Environmental Issues Statement on Recently Announced Patent Litigation Settlement with Certain Defendants
9:57 AM EST Dyadic's C1 Platform to be Used to Produce Vaccines for Humans and Animals in Africa
9:54 AM EST Janover Acquires Groundbreaker, a Profitable SaaS Platform
9:48 AM EST Spectra7 Announces Appointment of David Mier as Interim CFO, We Wish Bonnie the Best
9:44 AM EST Dream Chasers Raises its Offer to $3.25 for 35% of Carver Bancorp
9:39 AM EST A Thanksgiving Message from Marc Seelenfreund, Siyata Mobile's CEO
9:37 AM EST American Battery Solutions to be Acquired by Komatsu
November 19, 2023
11:50 AM EST LA Kings Sign Forward Koehn Ziemmer to a Three-Year Entry-Level Contract
11:48 AM EST I Love Hats. All Bald Men Do. This Would Be Nice to Have in the Collection
11:47 AM EST 12 Nordstrom Black Friday Sales
11:46 AM EST Huge News for LA Residents and Holiday Travelers
11:45 AM EST Fight Hunger with Feeding America and its Partners this Holiday Season
11:44 AM EST One of My Idols: Death, Sex and Money: The Tom Ford Exit Interview
11:43 AM EST How to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2023
11:40 AM EST Make Sure Your Moat is Wide Enough (Texas Castle)
11:39 AM EST Can I Borrow $2.7 Million? I Need to Buy Something for the Liquor Cabinet
11:36 AM EST ATP World Tour Finals: Jannik Sinner v Novak Djokovic
November 18, 2023
3:19 PM EST How Downtown LA Restaurants Are Affected by the 10 Freeway Closure
3:18 PM EST Your Old Nook Is About to Become Even More Obsolete
3:10 PM EST The Dodgers Competition in the Shohei Ohtani Sweepstakes Just Got Stiffer
2:59 PM EST The Sudden Fall of Sam Altman
2:50 PM EST Formula 1 Vegas Lacks "Emotion" and "Substance"
2:39 PM EST Breaking News: Martha Stewart Has Canceled Thanksgiving Dinner at Her Casa
2:37 PM EST Is this Cake Worth 200 Bones? More Like 20 Bones to Me
2:36 PM EST The Best Early Black Friday Fashion Deals to Shop Now
2:11 PM EST OS 4.0 (LD Micro Holiday Weekend Edition)
November 17, 2023
12:14 PM EST Marvel Biosciences Invited to Test MB-204 on Autism by French University, Cool
12:13 PM EST EnGold Announces Management Change
12:12 PM EST Khiron Life Sciences Announces Update to the Proposed Sale of Its European Business
12:11 PM EST First Product Incorporating Arecor's Arestat Technology, At220, Launched in Europe
12:08 PM EST Virpax Pharmaceuticals Announces Leadership Transition
12:08 PM EST 2U Announces Leadership Transition, Finally
12:07 PM EST La Rosa to Launch its First Office Location in Houston, Texas, Worst Weather in the Country
12:06 PM EST Pixie Dust Technologies Announces Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results, I Need Some Pixie Dust
12:06 PM EST San Juan Basin Royalty Trust Declares Cash Distribution for November 2023, Not Even Two Damn Pennies
12:05 PM EST Altamira Therapeutics Announces Partial Spin-Off of Bentrio Business
November 16, 2023
5:58 PM EST OneSoft Solutions Reaches Profitability, Kudos to Dwayne and the Team
5:56 PM EST WaveDancer Announces Merger Agreement with Firefly Neuroscience
5:54 PM EST BioSyent Releases Q3 and YTD 2023 Financial Results, Why Do I Please Rene?
5:53 PM EST Gulf Resources Announces Management Changes
5:52 PM EST Tarena Receives Approval to Transfer to Nasdaq Capital Market
5:51 PM EST CoinShares Secures Strategic Option to Acquire Valkyrie Funds
5:51 PM EST Trinseo Announces Quarterly Dividend of $0.01 Per Share, A "Divi" is a "Divi"
5:48 PM EST Newtopia Reports Q3, First Ever EBITDA Positive Quarter
5:46 PM EST Newtopia Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results
5:06 PM EST U.S. Global Investors Announces Solid Financial Results for FY23, EPS of .22
4:58 PM EST GTCR to Acquire Cloudbreak Health
6:07 AM EST Clean Energy Technologies Announces Conversion of $1.95 Million Notes Payable to Equity
6:04 AM EST Allot Announces Q3 2023 Financial Results, Erez is An Incredible Human Being
3:56 AM EST Will F1's $500 Million Las Vegas GP Live Up to the Hype? My Take: Hell No
3:53 AM EST King Charles Cuts 75th Birthday Cake, Dad is Slightly Older
3:52 AM EST Sagittarius Horoscope Today: November 16, 2023
3:51 AM EST Is it Safe to Eat Eggs Every Single Day? Sure, Why Not?!
3:49 AM EST Greek Yogurt: A Nutritious Snack for a Healthy Gut
3:48 AM EST A Physical Therapist’s 5 Key Rules For Dealing With Back Pain
3:47 AM EST Mercedes-Benz's First Charging Hub Is Officially Open
3:46 AM EST Wells Fargo (WFC) to Slash 50 IB Jobs Amid Deal Drought
3:40 AM EST Retailers Are Charging Return Fees This Holiday Shopping Season
3:32 AM EST LD Micro Midnight Edition (OS 2.0)
November 15, 2023
11:51 AM EST Myomo Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Hits a New 52-Week High Today
11:49 AM EST Goodfood to Report Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2023 Results
11:47 AM EST Trucept Announces 427% Increase In Operating Income
11:46 AM EST Parkit to Acquire Industrial Asset in Winnipeg
11:45 AM EST Sonim Appoints Mike Mulica as Board Chair
11:43 AM EST PharmaCyte Acquires $5 Million Stake in Emerging Women's Health Innovator Femasys, Interesting
11:40 AM EST LM Funding America Achieves Over 1,720% Year-Over-Year Revenue Growth to $3.4 Million
11:38 AM EST SilverSun Technologies Acquires JCS Computer Resource
11:36 AM EST Zynex Ranked in Forbes List of "America's Most Successful Small-Cap Companies 2024"
11:33 AM EST Xcyte Digital Begins Trading on the TSX Venture Under the Ticker XCYT
4:05 AM EST Hallmark Announces Third Quarter Results, Sadly Not the Greetings Card Company
4:03 AM EST I Love Their Fleece, Just Want to Squeeze It
4:00 AM EST They Make Furniture, But Not Money, Not Yet at Least
3:59 AM EST My Favorite Cat, Also a Terrible Famous Comedian
3:57 AM EST Obsessed With a Pyrenean Dog Named Huck
3:52 AM EST If I Could Meet With Any Entertainer, Just Once, It Would Be This Guy
3:49 AM EST Crocs and McDonalds Collaborate on Something That Not Even Ronald McDonald Would Wear
3:47 AM EST The Lakers Are Going to Be Terrible This Year, Mark My Words
3:46 AM EST Perhaps One of the Worst Literary Works Written in the Past Half Century
3:43 AM EST My Friend Can't Sleep at Night So We Will Be Doing LD Midnight Edition
November 14, 2023
12:41 PM EST SKYX Reports Record Sales of $21.6 Million for Third Quarter 2023
10:46 AM EST Luna Innovations Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
10:43 AM EST NanoVibronix Issues Letter to Shareholders
10:41 AM EST Airgain Secures Tier 1 MNO Indoor FWA Antenna Design Win, Stock Has Been Crushed This Year
10:37 AM EST Q4 Does What SRAX Could Not Do
10:35 AM EST TC BioPharm Announces Successful Completion of Safety Cohort and Positive DSMB Results
10:34 AM EST Ajinomoto to Acquire Forge Biologics for $620 Million
10:22 AM EST BioCardia Announces FDA Approval of CardiAMP Heart Failure II Protocol
9:06 AM EST Creative Realities illuminates Airport Shopping with Engaging LED Experiences
8:57 AM EST Mama's Creations Appoints Lynn L. Blake to Board of Directors
November 13, 2023
9:23 AM EST Cedar Fair and Six Flags to Combine in Merger of Equals, Clark Griswold is Pissed
9:19 AM EST Valeura Energy Announces Third Quarter 2023 Results, One of the Rare Winners in 2023
9:17 AM EST Roots Honours Iconic Beaver Logo with Exclusive Heather Cooper Collection, Love Their Clothes
9:16 AM EST James O'Leary Appointed to DMC Global's Board of Directors
9:15 AM EST Broadwind Announces Third Quarter 2023 Results, Looks Pretty Solid on the Surface
9:14 AM EST SNDL Announces Renewal of Share Repurchase Program, Cash Heavy
9:05 AM EST Stockholders Re-Elect All Seven LifeVantage Incumbent Directors at Fiscal Year 2024 Annual Meeting
9:03 AM EST IGC Pharma Reports Second Quarter Fiscal 2024 Results
8:59 AM EST OneSpan Commences a Modified "Dutch Auction" Tender Offer to Repurchase Roughly $20 Million of Stock
8:55 AM EST Squatty Potty Re-Launches In Walmart Stores Nationwide
November 12, 2023
5:19 AM EST US Authorities Charge Bitwise Co-Founders for Fraud Scheme
November 11, 2023
10:19 AM EST Kansas City Life Announces Sale of Real Estate, Nice Gain, Enjoy the Weekend Everyone
10:17 AM EST Ondas Expands Into North African Market Through a Partnership with Morocco-Based Maghrebnet
10:16 AM EST Shein Reportedly Seeks $90 Billion Valuation in IPO, Good God
10:15 AM EST Volvo Group Buys Proterra in Bankruptcy
10:13 AM EST Purple Innovation Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, Got Rocked on Friday
10:11 AM EST Sadot Group Announces Third Quarter 2023 Conference Call, Current CEO is Former CEO of Taco Bueno
10:10 AM EST Vyant Bio Provides Update on Winddown Activities
10:09 AM EST Hennessy Advisors Acquires the CCM Small/Mid-Cap Impact Value Fund
10:07 AM EST Treasury Wine Estates (TSRYY) to Buy DAOU Vineyards
10:05 AM EST Thunderbird Entertainment Announces Amended and Restated Cooperation Agreement with Voss Capital
November 10, 2023
12:42 PM EST US Foods Acquires Fresno-Based Saladino’s Foodservice, Central Valley Forever
12:39 PM EST Caliber Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, New Name in Our Universe
12:38 PM EST Creative Realities Reports Q3, An LD Dark Horse in the Stable
12:37 PM EST Organigram Announces Interim Chief Financial Officer
12:36 PM EST U2 = Good Band, 2U = Where Shareholder Equity Goes to Die
12:35 PM EST Sanatana Announces CEO Peter Miles Has Acquired Company Shares
12:35 PM EST Noodles & Company Announces CEO Transition, Food Net-Net is Meh
12:34 PM EST The Real Good Food Company Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results
12:33 PM EST Century Casinos Announces Third Quarter 2023 Results
12:33 PM EST Alliance Entertainment Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Results, Interesting Name
12:32 PM EST LD Respects All Veterans, Not Just Today, Every Single Day
November 9, 2023
4:49 PM EST Crexendo Announces Q3, EPS of .07, Respect to the Entire Management Team
4:46 PM EST Atara Announces Primary Analysis Data from Phase 2 Trial, Down 80% for the Day
4:45 PM EST LogicMark Empowers Veterans and Their Families this Veterans Day with Donation to the Bob Woodruff Foundation
4:39 PM EST Jones Soda Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, Always on the Cusp
4:36 PM EST EVI Industries Reports Record First Quarter Results
4:35 PM EST Wilhelmina International Reports Results for Q3, Vogue, Vogue, Vogue, Vogue
2:52 PM EST Interlink Electronics Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, Kudos to Mr. Bronson
2:34 PM EST Carrols Puts Up Some Tasty Numbers (TAST)
1:58 PM EST Lantern Pharma Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results and Operational Highlights
9:57 AM EST Assertio Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Very Tough Year for the Company
November 8, 2023
12:59 PM EST LL Flooring Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Love the Exec Quote
12:57 PM EST China Jo-Jo Drugstores Announces Celebration of its 20th Anniversary, Ticker Should Be JOJO
12:56 PM EST BK Technologies Signs Transformational Agreement with East West Manufacturing
12:55 PM EST Know Labs Expands Board of Directors, Three New Peeps, One Low Share Price
12:55 PM EST CPI Aero Receives $9.6 Million Purchase Orders From U.S. Air Force for T-38 Aircraft Modification Kits
10:31 AM EST The RealReal Announces Third Quarter 2023 Results
10:30 AM EST Biomerica Expands inFoods IBS Reach with Addition of Several New GI Groups
10:29 AM EST DURECT Corporation Announces Topline Results from Phase 2b AHFIRM, Down a Lot
10:26 AM EST GAN Announces Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by SEGA SAMMY
2:26 AM EST VanadiumCorp Files to Close a Non-Brokered Private Placement Financing
November 7, 2023
3:00 PM EST Vertex Energy Announces Third Quarter 2023 Results
2:58 PM EST Gilat Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
2:56 PM EST Canada Jetlines Announces Q3 2023 Results, Well Done
2:51 PM EST Sonendo to Participate at Upcoming November Investor Conferences
2:50 PM EST Strong Global Entertainment Acquires Innovative Cinema Solutions
2:49 PM EST David Nieuwsma Joins Kopin Corporation Board of Directors
2:49 PM EST NETSOL Technologies Reports Fiscal First Quarter 2024 Results, Dark Horse at LD
2:48 PM EST NanoVibronix UroShield Products Available on NHS Drug Tariff Effective November 1
2:45 PM EST Alpha Pro Tech Announces Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Makes Money Year Round
2:42 PM EST LD Micro Welcomes Scientific Industries (SCND)
12:29 AM EST The Arena Group Signs Definitive Agreement to Combine with Bridge Media Networks
12:27 AM EST Vinergy Capital Announces Name Change to MedBright AI Investments, Both Are Terrible
12:26 AM EST Digital Brands Group Announces Review of Strategic Alternatives
12:25 AM EST One of the Largest Pickleball Facilities in the World Coming to Scottsdale, Tennis Players Do Not Rejoice
12:25 AM EST Former Bear Creek Mining CEO Tony Hawkshaw Passes Away
12:23 AM EST Augmedix Delivers 50% Revenue Growth and Expanded Gross Margins for Third Quarter of 2023
12:21 AM EST Metropolitan Bank Holding Promotes Treasurer to CFO
12:17 AM EST Galaxy Gaming Announces Leadership Change, Wow :-/
12:15 AM EST MEI Pharma Declares Special Cash Dividend of $1.75 Per Share of Common Stock
12:11 AM EST VirnetX to Webcast Fireside Chat with CEO Kendall Larsen, Pretty Rare
November 4, 2023
4:13 PM EDT Barron's: Small-Cap Funds Are More Promising Than They Have Been in Years
4:12 PM EDT Why Australia Chose Not to Challenge Saudi Arabia for the 2034 World Cup
4:10 PM EDT Doja Cat Gives Commanding Performance at L.A. Stop on ‘The Scarlet Tour’
4:09 PM EDT China is Hoarding the World's Gold
4:07 PM EDT Giles Tipsword Joins Wrap Technologies as Senior Vice President of North American Sales
4:05 PM EDT Cooper Standard Reports Strong Third Quarter Results, Raises Full Year 2023 Guidance
3:56 PM EDT Waystar Listing In Limbo Amid Unhealthy IPO Market
3:40 PM EDT Exact Sciences Rings the Closing Bell, Congrats to Kevin and the Team
3:30 PM EDT Looks Like Parody (Cole Capital) and Business Wire Took it Down
3:22 PM EDT WeWork Expected to Enter Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Turd from Start to Finish
November 3, 2023
3:31 PM EDT ARC Reports $71 Million in Overall Sales with Continuing Strength in Strategic Services
3:30 PM EDT Seres Reports Q3 Financial Results Including VOWST Net Sales of $7.6 Million, Action Packed Two Days
3:28 PM EDT Outlook Therapeutics Provides Update on Type A Meetings with FDA, Outlook: Not Great
3:27 PM EDT Camber Energy Successfully Secures Dismissal of Class Action Lawsuit
3:25 PM EDT Immersion Signs License Agreement with Razer
3:24 PM EDT Intellinetics Names Mr. Michael Taglich to Board of Directors
3:20 PM EDT Wildcat Capital Sends Letter to Consolidated Communications' Board
3:16 PM EDT Abri SPAC I Announces Completion of Business Combination, Cut in Half Today
3:15 PM EDT Coffee Holdings Co. Issues Business Update Following 2023 Annual Meeting, Rare PR
3:14 PM EDT Flux Power Announces Capital Structure Update
November 2, 2023
5:09 AM EDT Houston, Home of the Worst Weather in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Worst Drivers
5:06 AM EDT I'm Going to Re-invest My Money in the Community, Sike, I Just Bought That Baby Cash
4:58 AM EDT The Worst Announcer on Planet Earth, Bar None
4:57 AM EDT I Still Abhor You With Every Ounce of My Being
4:56 AM EDT Forgiven
4:54 AM EDT Give This Man Another Ring
4:51 AM EDT I'm So Elated, My Next Vacation is Going to Be in Greensboro, North Carolina, Home of Legend, Ken Jeong (Terrible Actor)
4:44 AM EDT Something, Something, Micro-Cap, Something, Who Knows, Rangers Win the World Series
4:39 AM EDT Corey Seager and Eric Lahiji Named Co-MVPs, Seager's Second
4:31 AM EDT After 52 Years of Agonizing Pain, Suffering, and Hopelessness, the Texas Rangers Have Won the World Series
November 1, 2023
12:26 PM EDT Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation Announces Fiscal 2023 Third Quarter Results
12:25 PM EDT Marchex Hires Holly Aglio as Chief Financial Officer
12:24 PM EDT Nephros Hires Judy Krandel as Chief Financial Officer
12:24 PM EDT vTv Therapeutics Announces Sale of Shares in Reneo Pharmaceuticals for Proceeds of $4.4 Million
12:23 PM EDT Siyata Receives $750,000 Order for Use by First Responders in Israel
12:21 PM EDT Gaia Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
12:15 PM EDT Antibe Completes First Clinical Study of Otenaproxesul's New Formulation, An LD Dark Horse
12:15 PM EDT Hudson RPO Makes Singapore Acquisition
11:53 AM EDT Vyant Bio Announces Stockholder Approval of Plan of Dissolution
11:52 AM EDT LD Welcomes Satellos Bio
2:14 AM EDT One of the Great Executives of All-Time Set to Retire
October 31, 2023
2:17 PM EDT California Nanotechnologies Announces Q2 2024 Results, Eric is Doing a Superb Job
10:30 AM EDT Zynex Announces Review of Strategic Alternatives
10:29 AM EDT Veritone Appoints Former Police Chief Jorge Cisneros as Advisor, Interesting
10:26 AM EDT Mr. Bob Ferris to Be Inducted to the Hall of Fame, Huge Kudos
10:20 AM EDT Reports Highest Third Quarter Sales in Company History, Street Was Expecting More
10:19 AM EDT Modular Medical Updates Test Progress and Submission Timeline
10:17 AM EDT Kintara Therapeutics Announces Preliminary Topline Results From GBM AGILE Study
10:16 AM EDT Netlist Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, No Bueno
10:13 AM EDT HeartCore Launches Dashiwake into the U.S. and Japanese Markets
10:12 AM EDT Leatt Announces Date of Q3 Results Conference Call, Perhaps the Only Micro from South Africa
10:04 AM EDT Abbott and Stereotaxis Technologies Used in First Integrated Procedures in the United States, Very Nice
9:59 AM EDT Virpax Pharma Announces that Envelta Remains on Track for Trial in Humans Following FDA Review
9:56 AM EDT Happy Halloween: Just Remember, Tootsie Rolls are Disgusting
October 30, 2023
3:36 PM EDT The Futurum Group Acquires Business Podcast Network, Kudos to Cory
10:42 AM EDT NEXGEL Secures Supply Agreement with AbbVie, Congrats to Adam and Team
10:15 AM EDT Raime Leeby Joins DHI Group as Chief Financial Officer
10:13 AM EDT VYNE Therapeutics Announces Private Placement of $88 Million
10:11 AM EDT STRATA Skin Science Announces Leadership Change
10:10 AM EDT Dolly Varden Silver Announces $10M Strategic Investment by Hecla
10:09 AM EDT Mogo Comments on Recent Share Price Volatility
10:07 AM EDT Blue Clay Capital Issues Statement Regarding Sleep Number (SNBR)
10:05 AM EDT OneSoft Announces Change in Board of Directors
9:58 AM EDT Free Entrees for Veterans at All Bombshells Locations in Texas on Nov. 11, 2023, Awesome
9:57 AM EDT CEL-SCI Issues Letter to Shareholders
9:55 AM EDT Eargo Expands Relationship with Best Buy, Growing In-Store Presence to Over 500 Locations
October 29, 2023
12:13 PM EDT LD Micro Reports Record Traffic, Idemo!
12:10 PM EDT Red Robin Doing Something Every Big Company Should Do, Well Done
12:08 PM EDT Alimera Sciences Reports Q3, Kudos to Rick and His Team
12:06 PM EDT Winshear to Pay CDN $0.25 Per Share Return of Capital, Look at the Stock Price
12:00 PM EDT ChromaDex and Zesty Paws Crack the Code on Cellular Health for Dogs With 'Healthy Aging' Line
11:59 AM EDT Wrap Technologies Announces New Solution to Help Safeguard Cities
11:58 AM EDT Data I/O Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
11:57 AM EDT PyroGenesis Announces Intention to Voluntarily Delist from Nasdaq
11:56 AM EDT Freedom Financial Holdings Announces Earnings for Third Quarter of 2023, Not Us
11:56 AM EDT VERSES AI Surpasses 1,500 Customer Signups For Genius, Intelligent Software Platform
October 28, 2023
3:13 PM EDT H2O Innovation Signs Definitive Agreement to Be Acquired by Ember
October 27, 2023
1:37 PM EDT Reed's Appoints Joann Tinnelly as Chief Financial Officer
1:37 PM EDT Zynex Reports Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Stock is Up Nicely Today
1:36 PM EDT Zedge Announces Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Fiscal 2023 Results
1:34 PM EDT Congrats to Naqi (Time: The Best Inventions of 2023)
1:30 PM EDT Tinley's Settles Claims Made by Former CEO, Jeffrey Maser
October 24, 2023
10:51 AM EDT Textainer to be Acquired by Stonepeak for $7.4 Billion
10:47 AM EDT Beam Global Closes Acquisition of Europe Based Amiga, Creates Beam Europe
10:45 AM EDT Manhattan Bridge Capital Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results
10:41 AM EDT AMSC Announces $37 Million of New Energy Power System Orders
10:37 AM EDT Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation to Report Fiscal 2023, Q3, on Halloween, Bold
10:35 AM EDT Bragg Gaming Expands iGaming Content Reach in Italy with Lottomatica
10:33 AM EDT Ocean Power Technologies Secures $1.6 Million Order for Multiple WAM-V 16s from Sulmara
10:31 AM EDT HireQuest Enters Definitive Agreement to Acquire TEC Staffing
10:28 AM EDT Travelzoo Reports Third Quarter 2023 Results, Making Money
10:24 AM EDT The Rangers of Texas are Going Back to the Big Show
October 23, 2023
4:27 PM EDT Ooma Acquires 2600Hz
3:39 PM EDT Gatekeeper Supports FRA Rule Requiring Image Recording Devices on Passenger Trains
3:38 PM EDT Northern Graphite Comments on China Graphite Export Controls
2:34 PM EDT Sparta Announces Passing of President & Chief Technology Officer John O'Bireck
2:24 PM EDT EngageSmart Agrees to Be Acquired by Vista for $4.0 Billion
1:27 PM EDT Enthusiast Gaming Announces Intention to Voluntarily Delist from Nasdaq
1:25 PM EDT 5-Year Head & Neck Cancer Survival Increased From 45% to 73% in CEL-SCI's Target Population
11:35 AM EDT Bank of Marin Bancorp Reports Third Quarter Earnings of $5.3 Million
10:43 AM EDT Acme United Reports Record Third Quarter Earnings (.58 in EPS)
10:31 AM EDT Payne to Retire After 40 Year Career at Guaranty, You Guessed It, the CFO for 35 Years!
10:27 AM EDT Ellington Financial and Great Ajax Announce Mutual Termination of Merger
10:22 AM EDT Akumin Reaches Agreement with Stonepeak to Become a Private Company
9:58 AM EDT SCWorx Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire an Environmental Services Company
October 22, 2023
12:25 PM EDT 10 NBA Hidden Gems Nobody Is Talking About
12:24 PM EDT The National Museum of Women in the Arts Relaunches
12:23 PM EDT Updates on Israel-Hamas
12:20 PM EDT BARK to Announce Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Results on November 8, 2023
12:19 PM EDT Real Luck Group Announces Resignation of CFO and Appointment of Interim CFO, Stock at .01
12:18 PM EDT A Rare Sunday PR from Sutro Biopharma
12:17 PM EDT The Texas Rangers Can Change EVERYTHING With the Next Two Games
12:14 PM EDT World's 1st Dairy Queen In Joliet Acquired By Historical Museum, Very Cool
12:14 PM EDT Jelly Belly to be Acquired by Ferrara Candy
12:11 PM EDT Convoy Shuts Down After Failing to Find Buyer
October 20, 2023
4:05 PM EDT Janover Inaugurates Real Estate Advisory Board
11:52 AM EDT Aravive Announces Top-Line Results from Phase 3 AXLerate-OC Study
11:51 AM EDT Renesas Extends Tender Offer for Proposed Acquisition of Sequans
11:50 AM EDT GameSquare To Acquire One of the Biggest Names in Gaming, FaZe Clan
11:49 AM EDT GreenPower Announces Record School Bus Deliveries For Fiscal 2024 Second Quarter
11:49 AM EDT Hanryu Holdings to Ring the Nasdaq Opening Bell Next Week
11:46 AM EDT Creative Realities Confirms Guidance for 2H2023
11:45 AM EDT FingerMotion Files Federal Lawsuit Against Short Selling Research Firm
11:43 AM EDT Oregon Bancorp Announces Third Quarter Earnings
11:43 AM EDT GAN Receives Regulatory Approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission
11:40 AM EDT OneMeta to Present at Centurion One 5th Bahamas Global Summit
October 19, 2023
3:22 PM EDT Vox Acquires Pre-Production Plutonic East Gold Royalty in Western Australia
3:21 PM EDT CEL-SCI Readies Its Multikine Manufacturing Facility for Commercial Scale Production
3:21 PM EDT GoHealth to Announce Third Quarter 2023 Results on November 9, 2023
3:20 PM EDT Alliance Entertainment Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results
3:20 PM EDT Park City Group to Transfer Listing to New York Stock Exchange, Trading Ticker: TRAK
3:16 PM EDT Mortgage Rates Approach Eight Percent
12:41 PM EDT Air Industries Group Announces CFO Transition
12:37 PM EDT Connexa Reports Results of Quarterly Filing and Business Update
12:34 PM EDT Permex Petroleum Corporation to Consolidate its Common Shares
12:32 PM EDT Travelzoo Q3 2023 Earnings Conference Call on October 24 at 11:00 AM ET, Rare
October 17, 2023
12:27 PM EDT Gilead and Assembly Biosciences Establish Partnership
12:26 PM EDT Evelo Biosciences Announces Top-Line Results From its Phase 2 Clinical Study with EDP2939 in Moderate Psoriasis
12:26 PM EDT Sonendo Announces Inaugural Root Canal Forum for General Dentists
12:25 PM EDT Gabelli Funds 47th Annual Auto Symposium October 30th and October 31st
12:25 PM EDT Champions Oncology Announces the Addition of Brady Davis as President
12:24 PM EDT Luna Innovations Names George Gomez-Quintero as CFO
12:24 PM EDT Gevo Announces Appointment of Angelo Amorelli to Board of Directors
12:23 PM EDT Aware Named "Catalyst" and Role Model in New Biometrics Digital Identity Market Report
12:22 PM EDT Thermal Energy Announces $2.6 Million Heat Recovery Order from Multinational Dairy and Nutrition Company
12:22 PM EDT Rite Aid Receives Court Approval of "First Day" Motions to Support Business Operations
October 16, 2023
9:32 AM EDT Verde AgriTech Advances into phase 2 of Musk-Backed $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal Challenge
9:31 AM EDT Medexus Fully Repays Convertible Debentures In Cash At Maturity
9:30 AM EDT AppTech Payments Signs Definitive Agreement to Purchase FinZeo
9:29 AM EDT Domenic Carosa is "Passing the Torch"
9:26 AM EDT Johnny Rockets Opens First Location in Iraq
9:26 AM EDT Harte Hanks Announces CFO Transition Plan
9:25 AM EDT Inotiv Announces Changes to its Board Composition
9:24 AM EDT Graham Corporation Refinances Debt with New, Lower Cost $50 Million Revolving Credit Facility
9:24 AM EDT The ONE Group Hospitality Opens STK Charlotte, Won't Open LD Micro
9:23 AM EDT Hillcrest Returns to the United Kingdom and Provides Additional Shareholder Updates
October 15, 2023
11:15 AM EDT Birkenstock Goes Public on New York Stock Exchange
11:13 AM EDT Bankrupt Lordstown Motors Founder Buys Remaining Company Assets
11:13 AM EDT CFTC Sues Former CEO of Bankrupt Crypto Lender Voyager
11:12 AM EDT US Lab-Grown Diamond Producer Files for Bankruptcy
11:10 AM EDT Bristol Myers Squibb Acquires Mirati Therapeutics, Missed This One
11:09 AM EDT Garbine Muguruza is Taking "Some Time Off"
11:08 AM EDT Melissa & Doug Get Bought, Near a Billion in Cash
11:07 AM EDT Bay Club is Gobbling All Here Locally, Most are Not Happy
11:04 AM EDT General Petraeus Thoughts on the Current War
11:03 AM EDT News on Manchester United (MANU)
October 14, 2023
1:04 PM EDT Malaga Financial Corporation Reports Record Earnings
1:00 PM EDT PCTEL (PCTI) to be Acquired by Amphenol Corporation (APH)
12:59 PM EDT We Even Have CFO Announcements on Saturdays Now
12:58 PM EDT Firsthand Announces Plan to Seek Stockholder Approval to Withdraw BDC Election and Pursue Liquidation
12:53 PM EDT RYAM Engages HLI to Explore Sale of Paperboard and Pulp Assets
12:51 PM EDT ZK International Group Announces Receipt of Nasdaq Delisting Notification and Will Request Hearing
12:50 PM EDT Solar Alliance to Focus on Continued U.S. Growth, Terminates Canadian Acquisition LOI
12:48 PM EDT Sonendo (SONX) Announces Preliminary Revenue Results for Q3
12:47 PM EDT Charles & Colvard Reports Results, Now Trading Under Cash
12:45 PM EDT Five Buyouts this Week in Micro-Land (PFIN, BSQR, OPS, STK, and PCTI)
October 13, 2023
10:51 AM EDT LuxUrban Hotels Announces Openings of Three New York City Hotels
10:46 AM EDT Vertex Energy Provides Operational Update for Third Quarter 2023
10:45 AM EDT Biomerica Reports First Quarter 2024 Financial Results
10:45 AM EDT Soluna Announces Implementation of 1-for-25 Reverse Stock Split
10:42 AM EDT Groupon Announces Date for Q3 and Provides Update, Been a Surprise Winner this Year
10:41 AM EDT Comtech Announces Results for its Fourth Quarter, Street Loves It
10:39 AM EDT Unisync Mourns the Loss of Director C. Michael O'Brian
10:38 AM EDT P&F Industries (PFIN) to Be Acquired by ShoreView Industries, Daily Double
9:56 AM EDT Wrap Technologies Launches Nationwide "Don't Hurt Those Already Hurting" Campaign
9:54 AM EDT American Energy Partners Announces Name Change to American Environmental Partners
October 12, 2023
2:48 PM EDT Good Natured Products Announces Change in Auditor
2:46 PM EDT Kontron to Acquire BSQUARE (BSQR) for a Buck Ninety, Nice Premium
2:42 PM EDT Adcore Welcomes Amit Konforty as New Chief Financial Officer
2:42 PM EDT DSS Issues Letter to Shareholders, Stock is Down Nearly 90% in Two Years
2:40 PM EDT Reborn Coffee Appoints Global Entrepreneur Jennifer Tan to Board of Directors
2:37 PM EDT Polaris Renewable Energy Acknowledges Letter from Converium Capital
2:36 PM EDT Edesa Biotech Secures $10 Million Credit Facility with Company Founder
2:34 PM EDT LL Flooring Confirms Receipt of Unsolicited, Non-Binding Proposal from Live Ventures Incorporated
10:50 AM EDT LV Submits Proposal to Acquire LL Flooring for $5.85 Per Share in Cash
10:49 AM EDT POSaBIT Provides Update on PIN Debit Processing
October 11, 2023
2:15 PM EDT KITS Eyecare Expands Manufacturing Capacity of Digital Progressive Eyeglasses by 50%
2:08 PM EDT Tempest Releases New Data Demonstrating Superiority of TPST-1120, Stock is Up 1,700% Today
12:55 PM EDT UpHealth Announces CEO Transition and Organizational Changes
12:00 PM EDT Some Big Time Stuff Happening at VOXX
11:58 AM EDT American Resources Corporation Provides Update on Strategic, Value-Creating Initiatives
11:57 AM EDT Jimmy Butler Guest Edits Sports Illustrated NBA Preview, Does Not Talk About New Hairdo
11:53 AM EDT Goliath Resources Limited Closes Final Tranche and Welcomes New 9.9% Strategic Institutional Shareholder
11:52 AM EDT Invizyne Awarded Additional $3.77 Million Grant from U.S. Department of Energy
October 10, 2023
2:18 PM EDT Lion One Pours First Gold at Tuvatu Mine in Fiji
2:15 PM EDT Wallbridge Announces Board and Senior Management Changes
12:29 PM EDT SRM Entertainment Extends its Multi-Year SMURFS License Agreement
11:58 AM EDT Good Thing Rite Aid Still Has It's Sense of Humor
10:43 AM EDT StarTek (STK) is Getting Sold
10:24 AM EDT Haemonetics (HAE) Announces Definitive Agreement to Acquire OpSens
9:48 AM EDT Tecogen Announces Obtaining $1.5m Credit Facility
October 9, 2023
2:15 PM EDT Our Deepest Condolences to the PCG Team for the Passing of Mr. Chuck Harbey
1:24 PM EDT Dover to Acquire FW Murphy for $530 Million
1:21 PM EDT BBC Updates on the War in Israel
1:19 PM EDT MediWound Deploys NexoBrid for Emergency Supply
1:18 PM EDT Inspired Entertainment Partners with the NBA to Provide Virtual Sports Offerings
1:10 PM EDT Happy Thanksgiving to Our Brothers and Sisters Up North
1:04 PM EDT Shift (SFT) to Go Bye Bye
10:20 AM EDT Vicinity Motor Corp. and ADASTEC to Deploy Automated Transit Buses at Michigan State University
10:03 AM EDT Mama's Creations Announces Planned Evolution of the Senior Management Team
10:00 AM EDT Comtech Receives U.S. Army Contract with $544 Million Ceiling to Provide Communications and Engineering Support Services
9:55 AM EDT BlackBerry Provides Project Imperium Update and Announces Intention to Separate Business Units
October 6, 2023
1:04 PM EDT FP Newspapers Announces Executive Management Change
1:01 PM EDT Jailed Iranian Activist Narges Mohammadi Wins Nobel Peace Prize
12:54 PM EDT LXRandCO Considers Sale of All Assets to Avoid Bankruptcy
12:52 PM EDT Medgold Provides Update on Proposed Acquisition of Balkan Metals
12:52 PM EDT CalAmp Reports Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Results
12:51 PM EDT Connexa Announces Overwhelming Demand for Pickleball Launcher
12:50 PM EDT Sustainable Green Team Secures Groundbreaking $20M Middle East Deal
12:49 PM EDT enVVeno Medical Achieves Full Enrollment for VenoValve U.S. Pivotal Trial
12:47 PM EDT Digerati CEO to Take Temporary Medical Leave of Absence
12:46 PM EDT Black Friday is Every Friday at Big Lots With Up To 50% Off Deals Now Through 12/22
October 5, 2023
10:45 AM EDT Kyowa Kirin to Acquire Orchard Therapeutics
10:44 AM EDT trivago N.V. to Welcome New Chief Financial Officer
10:43 AM EDT Augmedix Forging Strategic Partnerships for an Open Network of Digital Health Solutions
10:43 AM EDT FSD Pharma and Celly Nu Enter Into Arrangement Agreement
10:42 AM EDT Greenlane Renewables Announces $35.3 Million System Supply Contract in Brazil
10:40 AM EDT Soluna to Participate in Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series
10:39 AM EDT LightPath Secures Renewal Order of $3.4 Million, a 36% Increase from Initial Order
10:37 AM EDT Pure Energy Minerals Appoints Joseph Mullin as President and CEO and Grants Options
10:15 AM EDT ElectraMeccanica Terminates Arrangement Agreement With Tevva
9:52 AM EDT Sonendo Announces New Partnership Agreements with Two Leading Specialty DSOs, My Dark Horse at the Event
October 4, 2023
10:53 AM EDT Awakn Life Sciences Completes MDMA Zydis ODT Feasibility Study
10:50 AM EDT Odyssey Health Begins Trading on the OTCQB
10:07 AM EDT FingerMotion Responds to Short Seller Report
9:58 AM EDT Salem Media Group Announces Plan to Sell Its Salem Church Product Business
October 3, 2023
9:50 AM EDT iA Financial Group to Acquire Vericity in $170 million Transaction
9:48 AM EDT Diamcor Announces Term Loan Financing
9:47 AM EDT First Western Trust Opened New Office Location in Bozeman, Montana
9:46 AM EDT SSB Bancorp Authorizes Stock Repurchase Program
9:44 AM EDT Intellicheck Promotes Innovative Veteran to Chief Technology Officer, Presenting at LD
9:39 AM EDT Ohmyhome Reports First Half 2023 Results and Is Geared For 3X Growth in 2024
9:36 AM EDT LightPath Technologies Completes Expansion and Renovation of Orlando Facility, Presenting at LD
9:35 AM EDT BK Technologies Receives Purchase Order from Sandoval County, New Mexico for BKR 9000
9:34 AM EDT Vicinity Motor Announces Partnership with ADASTEC for Automated Transit Buses, Presenting at LD
9:31 AM EDT AgEagle to Present at LD Micro Main Event XVI Conference on Tomorrow Morning in Los Angeles
9:28 AM EDT CBB Bancorp Announces Appointment of Richard Koh as Chief Financial Officer
October 2, 2023
11:33 AM EDT Richardson Electronics Receives Patent, Most Popular Name at the Main Event
11:30 AM EDT Scienjoy to Participate and Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI on October 3-5, 2023
11:29 AM EDT VERSES to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
11:27 AM EDT Dynatronics Corporation Announces Brian Baker as New CEO and Director, May God Be With Them
11:26 AM EDT Kintara Therapeutics to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI Conference
11:24 AM EDT Aadi Bioscience Appoints Dave Lennon, Ph.D. as President and Chief Executive Officer
11:23 AM EDT VOXX International Corporation Extends Employment Agreement of Chief Executive Officer
11:22 AM EDT urban-gro Secures Multiple Contracts Totaling Nearly $8 Million in the Cannabis Sector
11:22 AM EDT Valterra Announces Name Change to Nickelex Resource Corporation
11:21 AM EDT NewtekOne CEO, Mr. Barry Sloane, to Present at the LD Micro 'Sweet Sixteen' Main Event XVI
October 1, 2023
12:07 PM EDT Delta to Adjust SkyMiles Program After Customer Outcry
12:06 PM EDT AP Top 25 Poll Prediction, Go Longhorns!
12:05 PM EDT Natuzzi S.p.A.: Shareholder Letter and Financial Results
12:04 PM EDT North Texas Fights Off Abilene Christian
12:02 PM EDT SmileDirectClub Files for Bankruptcy
12:01 PM EDT VC Firm Fuse Closes $250 MIllion Fund
11:59 AM EDT Kimpton is Opening its First Hotel in Mexico City
11:58 AM EDT Letterboxd to be Acquired by Tiny
11:57 AM EDT Ons Jabeur is the Champion at the Ningbo Open
11:55 AM EDT OncoCyte is the Latest Company to Confirm for the Main Event
11:52 AM EDT Europe Wins the Ryder Cup
September 30, 2023
5:26 PM EDT Aspen Group Reports Numbers, Rooting for Mike
5:25 PM EDT AI/ML Innovations Announces Investor Relations Appointment, You Canadians are Wild
5:24 PM EDT OneWater Marine Announces the Sale of Dealerships in Non-Core Markets
5:23 PM EDT Therma Bright Announces New CFO
5:21 PM EDT Capricor Therapeutics Announces $23 Million Registered Direct Offering
5:20 PM EDT CSI Compressco to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
5:19 PM EDT King Global Ventures Announces Appointment of CFO, 2023 = Year of the CFO
5:17 PM EDT Blue Apron Announces Agreement to be Acquired by Wonder Group
4:03 PM EDT The LD Micro Main Event Presented by CBOE is LIVE (Day 2 Action)
3:58 PM EDT Borqs Technologies Announces Reverse Stock Split
September 29, 2023
5:42 AM EDT University of California President Drake Awards UC Presidential Medal to Former California Gov. Gray Davis, Confirmed for the Main Event
5:41 AM EDT Virpax Pharmaceuticals to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
5:38 AM EDT Sycamore Partners to Acquire Chico's FAS for $1 Billion Dollars (Dr. Evil)
5:34 AM EDT The Glimpse Group Reports Fiscal Year 2023 Financial Results
5:33 AM EDT FAT Brands Announces Two Additional Board Members, Confirmed for Next Week
5:32 AM EDT MEI Pharma Issues Statement Regarding Anson and Cable Car's Opportunistic Actions
5:31 AM EDT RE Royalties Announces Participation in the LD Micro Main Event XVI
5:30 AM EDT Medexus and medac Agree to Amend US Treosulfan Agreement
5:29 AM EDT NorthWest Copper Announces Executive Changes
5:28 AM EDT dynaCERT Engages Canaccord Genuity as Financial Advisor
September 28, 2023
2:30 PM EDT Peoples Financial Services and FNCB Bancorp Announce Merger
1:47 PM EDT Sonendo Announces Launch of Second Generation CleanFlow, Confirmed for Main Event
1:29 PM EDT Dynatronics Corporation Reports Fourth Quarter, What a Disaster
1:28 PM EDT BTC Digital to Change Ticker Symbol to BTCT on September 29, 2023
1:27 PM EDT LiveOne to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI Investor Conference
1:27 PM EDT BK Technologies Receives Two Purchase Orders Totaling $3.4 Million, Dark Horse for 2024
1:23 PM EDT Interlink Electronics to Present at LD Micro Main Event XVI
1:22 PM EDT Clearmind Medicine to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI Investor Conference on October 4th
1:21 PM EDT Ideal Power Adds SymCool IQ to its Commercial Product Offerings, Confirmed for the Main Event
1:07 PM EDT Medigus to Acquire 60% Interest of Commercial Property in Miami, Have No Idea What is Going On
11:57 AM EDT Asure Software Names Vice President of Investor Relations, Great Man!
11:55 AM EDT BranchOut Food Expands Partnership with EnWave, Confirmed for the Main Event
2:10 AM EDT Genasys Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Evertel
1:12 AM EDT Lahiji Defeats Romero, 4-3, Left Handed 11-9, RM Makes Incredible Pizza
September 27, 2023
11:33 AM EDT LuxUrban Hotels to Present at LD Micro Main Event XVI
11:31 AM EDT Greenland Technologies to Present at 16th LD Micro Investor Conference
11:31 AM EDT TC BioPharm to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
11:30 AM EDT Sidus Space Announces Appointment of Leonardo Riera to Board Chair and Promotion of Jared Novick to COO, Confirmed for the Main Event
11:28 AM EDT Origin Agritech to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
11:27 AM EDT Alto Ingredients to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
11:26 AM EDT Know Labs Announces Pricing of $7 Million Public Offering of Common Stock
11:25 AM EDT Coya Therapeutics to Present at the LD Micro Investor Conference
11:24 AM EDT ISSC to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI, Honored
11:24 AM EDT Crexendo Unveils Cutting-Edge Generative AI Technology Using ChatGPT, Confirmed for the Main Event
11:23 AM EDT Metro One Telecom (WOWI) Announces 1-for-75 Reverse Stock Split, WOWI
10:53 AM EDT GAN Announces Leadership Transition
September 26, 2023
1:33 PM EDT Covalon Announces Leadership Changes
1:30 PM EDT Peraso Receives Initial Orders Totaling $11.3 Million, Market Cap is $4.5 Million
1:28 PM EDT Nova Leap Health to Discuss Record Q2 Results and Present at the LD Micro Main Event
1:26 PM EDT Sportsman's Warehouse Appoints Paul Stone as Chief Executive Officer and Announces Chair Transition
1:22 PM EDT LIXTE Appoints Bas van der Baan as President and CEO
12:22 PM EDT Dyadic and bYoRNA Announce a Collaboration, Confirmed for the Main Event
12:09 PM EDT Cemtrex Receives $1.0 Million Contract from Pennsylvania Borough Stewartstown, Confirmed for the Main Event
11:51 AM EDT Soleno Therapeutics = Rocket Ship Today
11:06 AM EDT LightPath to Present at LD Micro: Sweet Sixteen Main Event XVI Investor Conference, Sam is a Stud
10:18 AM EDT Virpax Pharmaceuticals to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI, First Time on the Main Stage
10:02 AM EDT Visium Technologies Issues Letter to Shareholders, Stock is Down 99% YTD
9:59 AM EDT Diamcor Mining Inc to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI, Love These Guys
9:54 AM EDT Aquafil SpA Announces Participation in the LD Micro Main Event XVI Next Week
September 25, 2023
8:49 PM EDT Rite-Aid is Now a Nanocap, I Want to Buy the Ice Cream Division
8:45 PM EDT Femasys Receives U.S. FDA Clearance to Market FemaSeed, Congrats to Kathy and the Team, Up Big After Hours
8:41 PM EDT B. Riley Financial Increases Investment in bebe
8:37 PM EDT voxeljet AG Announces Review of Strategic Alternatives
8:07 PM EDT Invitae Announces Appointment of Finance Veteran Ana Schrank as CFO
12:11 PM EDT electroCore to Participate in the LD Micro Main Event XVI Conference
12:06 PM EDT James Bond, Director and Officer, Acquires Shares of SIQH, 007 Time Baby!
12:03 PM EDT LifeVantage Files Definitive Proxy Statement
12:01 PM EDT GoHealth to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI 2023
11:58 AM EDT Precipio Reduces Product Revenue Result Needed for Cash Flow Breakeven
September 23, 2023
6:40 PM EDT Palo Alto Networks in Negotiations to Acquire Talon Cyber Security
6:39 PM EDT As Cato Networks Reaches $3.1 Billion Valuation, Cyber Billionaire Shlomo Kramer Eyes A Third IPO
6:36 PM EDT Nissan Isn’t Making a NACS, CCS EV Charging Adapter for Leaf Owners
6:33 PM EDT NYSE to Commence Delisting Proceedings Against Bird Global (BRDS), New Ticker Should Be T-U-R-D
5:52 PM EDT Flux Power Reports Fiscal Full Year 2023 Results, Guess Investors Were Expecting More
5:50 PM EDT Kraken Announces Change of Auditor to EY
5:46 PM EDT Full House Resorts (FLL) is the Latest Company to Confirm for LD XVI
5:39 PM EDT Governor Gray Davis Confirmed for a Special Keynote at the Main Event
12:52 PM EDT PopReach Announces Rebrand to Ionik and Leadership Transition
12:00 AM EDT Aeluma to Present at and Participate in The LD Micro Main Event Investor Conference
September 22, 2023
11:59 PM EDT Colibri Appoints McGavney as President and CEO
11:59 PM EDT Yunhong CTI Ltd. Announces Corporate Name, Nasdaq Ticker Symbol Change
11:58 PM EDT Hello Pal Provides Corporate Update Regarding Operations in China
11:57 PM EDT NETSOL Technologies Reports Q4, Stock Hit All-Time Low
11:55 PM EDT dynaCERT Announces Changes to its Board of Directors
11:54 PM EDT Connexa Sports Technologies Inc. Announces 1-40 Reverse Split
11:53 PM EDT HomeStreet Responds to Blue Lion Capital Letters to Shareholders
11:52 PM EDT Questor Announces Board Changes and CEO Appointment
11:52 PM EDT CMC Announces Changes in Board of Directors
September 21, 2023
10:06 AM EDT Armanino Foods of Distinction Participates in MCC Conference, Insane
10:03 AM EDT GLUCODOWN Brand Achieves 10,000 Top Reviews at Amazon
9:58 AM EDT Kaival Brands Receives Initial Royalty Payment from Philip Morris International
9:56 AM EDT Aviat Networks Secures $50 Million in Orders from Two New U.S. Statewide Public Safety Projects
9:55 AM EDT Jet.AI to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
9:54 AM EDT SKYX Provides Business Update Including 5 Additional Patents Issued in the U.S. and International Markets
9:53 AM EDT LiqTech Receives Two Marine Scrubber Water Treatment System Orders
9:50 AM EDT RAVE Restaurant Group Reports Q4 and Year End Results
9:48 AM EDT One Step Vending Announces Filing for the Company Name Change with the State of Nevada
9:47 AM EDT Cisco to Acquire Splunk
September 20, 2023
1:30 PM EDT American Software Announces Divestment of The Proven Method Business Unit
1:29 PM EDT Genius Group Announces Delisting from Upstream
1:28 PM EDT Arizona Silver Exploration Changes Name to Arizona Gold & Silver, VERY BOLD
1:11 PM EDT Cheesiest PR of the Year: Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza & Wings Keeps It Real, Awesome Sauce
1:06 PM EDT Usio to Present at The LD Micro Main Event XVI
12:57 PM EDT FEI Silicon Valley Recognizes Spectra7 CFO as Inaugural Winner in Women CFO Awards!
12:56 PM EDT Yatra Online Limited Announces Full Subscription of its Indian IPO of INR 7750 Million (~US$93 Million)
12:41 PM EDT Red Cat Signs Contract with U.S. Customs and Border Protection for 106 Teal 2 Drone Systems
12:38 PM EDT LD is Live at MCC, Amazing Set of Speakers
12:37 PM EDT MDB Capital Announces Closing of Public Offering of $20 Million
September 19, 2023
11:07 AM EDT Histogen Announces Board Approval of Complete Liquidation and Dissolution
11:07 AM EDT Liberty Defense Announces Service Agreement with Native Ads
11:05 AM EDT Jim Collins to Join Cibus Board of Directors
11:03 AM EDT Instacart Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering
11:01 AM EDT BioLargo to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
10:58 AM EDT Assure Holdings Announces Exploration of Strategic Alternatives
10:56 AM EDT ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Announces CFO Transition
10:55 AM EDT Panbela to Present at the LD Micro Investor Conference
10:53 AM EDT Skkynet Reports Strong Sales Growth and Robust Profitability in Third Quarter
10:52 AM EDT Oxbridge Re Holdings to Present at the LD Micro Main Event XVI
10:49 AM EDT VirnetX and Zeleration Technology Forge Strategic Partnership to Elevate Privacy in Online Communications
September 18, 2023
11:10 AM EDT 1847 Engages Spartan Capital to Explore Strategic Options
11:06 AM EDT Black Diamond Therapeutics Announces CEO Transition
11:03 AM EDT MEI Pharma Confirms Receipt of Director Nominations From Anson and Cable Car
11:00 AM EDT Research Solutions Announces Cooperation Agreement with Peter Derycz and Bristol
10:59 AM EDT Sidus Space Releases Letter to Shareholders
10:54 AM EDT MIRA Pharmaceuticals Shows its Prescription Pill More Palatable and Potent Than Pot, Interesting
10:50 AM EDT Kopin Receives Additional $3.4 Million Order for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program
10:44 AM EDT IBEX Announces $30 Million Share Repurchase Program
10:38 AM EDT Paratek Pharma Announces Stockholder Approval of Acquisition by Gurnet Point Capital and Novo Holdings
10:29 AM EDT Chamisal Vineyards Nominated for "American Winery of the Year" by Wine Enthusiast Magazine
10:09 AM EDT HS GovTech Solutions to Be Acquired, Congrats to Ali and the Team!
September 15, 2023
2:32 PM EDT Intellinetics to Participate at LD Micro Main Event XVI
2:28 PM EDT Inseego Appoints Steven Gatoff as CFO, My Man!
2:28 PM EDT Lands' End Names Bernard McCracken as Chief Financial Officer
2:27 PM EDT Pharma-Bio Serv Announces Results, Solid Disciplined Company Out of Puerto Rico
2:23 PM EDT Netcapital Funding Portal Revenues Increase by More Than 100%, Confirmed for the Main Event
2:22 PM EDT Comstock Announces Transfer to NEX Board from TSX Venture Exchange
2:13 PM EDT Yerbaé Welcomes New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to Its Team of Investors
2:02 PM EDT PodcastOne (PODC) is Hooking All Employees with Shares
1:59 PM EDT Proceedings In ICSID Arbitration Case with Romania Closed By Tribunal
1:42 PM EDT EPOW Announces Its Partner Company Graphite One Awarded $37.5m From US Government
1:35 PM EDT High Liner Foods Announces Appointment of Interim Chief Executive Officer
September 14, 2023
12:02 PM EDT Citius Pharmaceuticals Mourns the Loss of Board Member, Howard Safir
12:01 PM EDT LUVU Brands Appoints Martin Scott as Chief Financial Officer
12:00 PM EDT Cyngn Secures Four New Patents for its AI-Powered Autonomous Vehicle Technologies
12:00 PM EDT SkyWater Appoints John Sakamoto as President and Chief Operating Officer
11:59 AM EDT Nauticus Robotics Announces Offshore Service Agreement with Shell
11:53 AM EDT Draganfly Secures First Defense Orders for its Commander 3 XL with the U.S. Military
11:51 AM EDT Gatekeeper Announces $9 Million Transit Video and Data Contract, Backlog Now $13 Million
11:50 AM EDT Hire Technologies Provides Update on Restructuring Process
11:46 AM EDT PFSweb (PFSW) to be Acquired by GXO Logistics, Huge Congrats to the Team
11:45 AM EDT LiveOne Announces Record Setting August Paid Membership Growth of 63K
September 13, 2023
11:01 AM EDT KULR Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock
11:00 AM EDT VOX Royalty Special Virtual Conference Today, One of the Few Dark Horses at LD
10:59 AM EDT Arch Therapeutics Provides AC5 Commercialization Update
10:58 AM EDT SKYX Announces Lenny Sokolow Joins the Company as Co-CEO
10:57 AM EDT Asure Announces Debt Paydown, Confirmed for the Main Event
10:56 AM EDT Byrna Technologies Partners with Sean Hannity to Amplify Non-Lethal Security Solutions
10:56 AM EDT urban-gro Signs Multiple Contracts with Clients in the Cannabis Space
10:55 AM EDT HOOKIPA Announces Executive Leadership Change
10:54 AM EDT CEO Letter to All Stakeholders of Enertopia Corporation
10:53 AM EDT Envela Hires Claudia Kretchmer to Lead Jewelry Design, Unreal
September 12, 2023
9:03 AM EDT Soylent Donates Six Million Meals to Date to Communities In Need Through Its #SoylentForGood Program
9:02 AM EDT EZGO Announces the Termination of the Previously Proposed Registered Direct Offering
9:01 AM EDT Avalo Enters into Agreement to Divest AVTX-800 Series
9:01 AM EDT POET Technologies' New Module Designs Attract Major Companies at CIOE
9:00 AM EDT FLYHT and NOAA Collaborate to Improve Weather Forecasting
8:59 AM EDT "Barbie" Comes to Redbox Premium Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD), Still Have Not Seen It
8:56 AM EDT Unrivaled Brands and Mystic Holdings Reach Settlement; Agree to Explore Collaborative Opportunities
8:55 AM EDT Avantax Enters into Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Cetera Holdings
8:54 AM EDT AYRO Enters Low-Rate Initial Production of the Vanish, Not to Be Mistaken with the Aston Martin Vanquish
8:53 AM EDT Growing Concerns as Japan Begins 40 Year Release of "Undetectable" Tritium Into Pacific Ocean
September 11, 2023
1:37 PM EDT Longeveron Issues Letter to Stockholders
1:34 PM EDT LuxUrban Hotels Completes Onboarding of First Property to Wyndham Platform
1:33 PM EDT Aspira Women's Health Announces Dr. Jody Berry as New Chief Scientific Officer
1:30 PM EDT Senseonics Holdings Enters Into $50 Million Loan Facility With Hercules Capital
1:29 PM EDT Virco Operating Income Nearly Doubles as Second Quarter Revenue Jumps 30%
1:27 PM EDT SKYX Files for a Mandatory Safety Standardization with the National Electrical Code (NEC), Stock is Up
1:10 PM EDT Petros Pharmaceuticals Provides Letter to Shareholders
1:08 PM EDT Crexendo (CXDO) Surpasses 3.5 Million Users, Confirmed for the Main Event
1:00 PM EDT Zynex Announces Share Repurchase Program
12:58 PM EDT Arena Investors Outlines Necessary Steps for Charge Enterprises to Improve Corporate Management and Operations
September 10, 2023
4:28 PM EDT Behold, the $170,000 Toyota, May Be Helpful if You Had a Driver
4:25 PM EDT Venice, Italy Announces It Will Begin Charging an Entry Fee, Thought Charging for Parking in Vegas Was Bad
4:23 PM EDT NextGen to Be Acquired by Thoma Bravo for $1.8 Billion
September 8, 2023
4:21 AM EDT American Outdoor Brands Reports Q1 FY24 Results
4:20 AM EDT BK Board, CEO and CFO Elect to Receive Common Stock in lieu of Cash Compensation
4:19 AM EDT Codexis Announces Agreement for Assignment and Assumption of San Carlos Facility Lease
4:18 AM EDT Express Appoints Stewart Glendinning as Chief Executive Officer
4:17 AM EDT Spark Networks Announces Commencement of OTC Trading
4:17 AM EDT Dave Announces John Ricci's Retirement, Names Joan Aristei as Successor and Chief Legal Officer
4:15 AM EDT Tecsys Reports Record Revenue for the First Quarter of Fiscal 2024, Real Company
4:14 AM EDT Mountain Valley MD Announces Appointment of New CFO
4:13 AM EDT Arch Therapeutics Completes Financing as Bridge to Uplisting
4:12 AM EDT Antoine Leboyer Resigns from Martello Board of Directors
September 7, 2023
11:59 AM EDT Farmer Brothers Announces Transition of CEO, Deverl is a Good Man
11:52 AM EDT Mene Announces Appointment of New President & CEO
11:50 AM EDT LiveOne to Ring Nasdaq Opening Bell for Subsidiary PodcastOne (PODC) Direct Listing
11:47 AM EDT Holy Smoke, Another Shipwreck Company
11:43 AM EDT Loop Media Announces the Debut of Additional Latino Content Channels for Businesses
11:42 AM EDT Golden Matrix Reports Third Quarter Financial Results
11:28 AM EDT Feels Like 500 Companies Had CFO Changes This Year and Counting
11:27 AM EDT Galaxy Gaming and Konquer Announce Igaming Content Licensing Agreement
11:25 AM EDT Indonesia Energy Announces Five-Year Extension of its Government Contract for Kruh Block
11:20 AM EDT EQUATOR Beverage Company Reports July 1 to August 31 2023 Results, Interesting Way of Announcing Their "Quarter"
11:19 AM EDT GSI Technology to Participate in 16th Annual "Main Event" Conference
September 6, 2023
3:31 PM EDT EZGO Announces Pricing of $10 Million Registered Direct Offering
12:50 PM EDT Mersana Therapeutics Announces Changes in Leadership, Moving and Shaking
12:47 PM EDT Hamilton Thorne Graduating to Toronto Stock Exchange Main Board
12:46 PM EDT Enzo Biochem Announces Departure of Hamid Erfanian and Appointment of Kara Cannon as Interim CEO
11:54 AM EDT Ellen Mellody and Maria Brasco Wurmbach Join KCSA Strategic Communications in Senior Leadership Roles
11:11 AM EDT Alliance Advisors Acquires LHA Investor Relations, Congrats to Both Teams
11:00 AM EDT Capricor Therapeutics Appoints Michael Kelliher to Board of Directors
10:05 AM EDT BiondVax Pharma Rebrands as Scinai Immuno
9:59 AM EDT Fortitude Gold Declares September Monthly Dividend, Confirmed for the Main Event
September 5, 2023
12:07 PM EDT Satellos Expands Leadership Team with New CFO Appointment
12:02 PM EDT Green Thumb Industries Announces Share Repurchase Program, Quotes Buffet
12:01 PM EDT MediPharm Labs Completes Sale of Vacant Land for Cash Proceeds of $1.9 Million
11:57 AM EDT Sonendo Hosts Second Women in Endodontics Summit, Dark Horse at LD
11:55 AM EDT Cellectar Biosciences Announces up to Approximately $103 Million Private Placement Financing
11:54 AM EDT IPA Announces Board Refreshment, Three New Dudes
11:51 AM EDT SKYX Signs Agreement with Material Bank, Has Over 100,000 Customers
11:33 AM EDT Virpax Pharmaceuticals Updates on Litigation, Confirmed for the Main Event
11:26 AM EDT CPS Technologies Receives $7.7 Million Award
10:58 AM EDT EVI Industries Completes Acquisition of ALCO Washer Center, They Keep Buying
September 4, 2023
1:23 PM EDT The Man Was an All-Star, Steve Harwell Passes Away
September 3, 2023
12:11 PM EDT I Think He is Crazy and Incredible at the Same Time
12:10 PM EDT Inside Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’s California Real Estate Portfolio, My One Celeb Fetish
12:08 PM EDT NYRA Considerers Adding All-Weather Track at Saratoga
12:08 PM EDT If You are a Yankees Fan, I Would Not Read It
12:06 PM EDT Colorado Beats TCU, I Don't Even Know Where to Begin
12:01 PM EDT These Guys Already Battled in the QFs of the Australian Open, Round 2
12:00 PM EDT NYC Airbnb Hosts Explore Alternatives As New Bookings Are Blocked
11:59 AM EDT Nothing is Burning at Burning Man This Year
11:54 AM EDT Mohamed Al Fayed Passes Away, Not a Good Week for Deaths
September 2, 2023
5:20 PM EDT Don't Care What Anyone Says, This Man Would Have Made a Great President
12:41 PM EDT SAG-AFTRA Voting to Authorize Potential Video Game Actor Strike
12:40 PM EDT Ryder Cup Team is Set for Rome
12:39 PM EDT Nice ROI Here
12:37 PM EDT We Need to Catch a Few Breaks But it is Possible
12:35 PM EDT Aaron Judge Gets to 250 Faster Than Anyone Before Him
12:33 PM EDT I Think This Number is Artificially Low
12:31 PM EDT Djoker Comes Back from Two Sets Down to Advance to 4th Round (US Open)
12:26 PM EDT Really Pisses Me Off, I Feel Bad for the Kids Again
12:25 PM EDT LD Does Nearly Two Million Searches in the Month of August
12:18 PM EDT Please Pass Me the Margarita: Jimmy Buffett Passes Away
September 1, 2023
3:50 PM EDT Delcath Systems Announces Additional $35 Million in Funding Tied to the FDA Approval of HEPZATO KIT
3:47 PM EDT $6,200 for an Oris?! Looks Nice Though
3:46 PM EDT A New Filipino Restaurant Has Opened Up in New York
3:44 PM EDT I Bought Some Spanish Cheese the Other Day: It Cost Me $32,000
3:42 PM EDT Gold is Stuck in Neutral, Hell It Feels Like It's Been Stuck in Neutral for Two Decades!
5:15 AM EDT John Isner's Career is Over, Absolute Stud On and Off the Court
5:13 AM EDT Wolverine Worldwide Continues Brand Portfolio Transformation
5:11 AM EDT Sonnet BioTherapeutics Announces 1-for-22 Reverse Stock Split
5:10 AM EDT Director Henry Ruhnke Announces Retirement from the Board of Directors
5:09 AM EDT ClearSign Technologies Corporation Provides Second Quarter 2023 Update
5:09 AM EDT Airgain Sets September Financial Conference Schedule, Has Never Appeared at the Main Event
August 31, 2023
10:56 AM EDT eMagin Stockholders Approve Acquisition by Samsung Display
10:38 AM EDT Generation Mining Receives Permit Approval Under the Endangered Species Act
10:27 AM EDT Allot Announces Q2 2023 Financial Results and Cost Reduction Plan, Confirmed for the Main Event
10:23 AM EDT Lifecore Biomedical Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2023 Results
10:18 AM EDT Zevra Therapeutics (ZVRA) to Acquire Acer Therapeutics (ACER)
10:15 AM EDT SoundThinking Announces Expansion of its Leadership Team
10:12 AM EDT NexTier and Mars Bancorp (MNBP) Announce Merger
10:05 AM EDT Queen's Road Capital Announces US$70 million Investment in NexGen Energy
9:58 AM EDT urban-gro Announces Sale of Investment for Proceeds of $2.3 Million
August 30, 2023
11:48 AM EDT Iridex Announces Strategic Review to Unlock Shareholder Value
11:47 AM EDT Outlook (OTLK): Bad
11:46 AM EDT AnalytixInsight Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results and MarketWall Continued Profitability
11:46 AM EDT Network Media Group Announces 5 to 1 Share Consolidation
11:45 AM EDT Organto Announces Record Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
11:22 AM EDT DMG Blockchain Solutions Reports Third Quarter Results Ending June 30, 2023
11:19 AM EDT Liberty Defense Launches HEXWAVE Product for Commercial Applications
11:17 AM EDT Bloomios Reports Q2 2023 Financial Results
11:15 AM EDT Esports Entertainment Group Promotes Michael Villani to Chief Financial Officer
10:50 AM EDT Companies Disclose NDRs Now in Press Releases? New to Me!
August 29, 2023
12:46 PM EDT LifeVantage Declares Special Cash Dividend of $0.40 Per Share, Solid Numbers
12:45 PM EDT CalAmp Announces the Unexpected Passing of President and CEO Jeff Gardner
12:40 PM EDT Charge Enterprises Announces Leadership Change
12:39 PM EDT Pulse Biosciences Clarifies Details of Recent S-3 Filing, Stock is Down Again Today
12:38 PM EDT Senator Mitt Romney Visits Red Cat Subsidiary Teal Drones to Discuss Support for U.S. Drone Industry, Cool
12:34 PM EDT One Step Vending Announces Change of Business Sector to Gas and Oil, Alrighty Then
12:33 PM EDT Alpine 4 (ALPP) CEO Addresses Market Conditions and Share Price
12:32 PM EDT ESE Entertainment CEO Provides Corporate Update After Strategic Partnership and Capital Injection
12:08 PM EDT Always Time for Pumpkin Spice (STCB)
11:57 AM EDT Co-Diagnostics Appoints Chief Regulatory Affairs Officer, Interesting Position
11:48 AM EDT Grayscale Investments Prevails in Lawsuit Against the SEC to Convert GBTC to an ETF
August 28, 2023
11:40 AM EDT Thorne HealthTech to be Acquired by L Catterton, All Cash, No Breaks
11:33 AM EDT NorthWest Copper Activist Group Refuses to Address Five Key Shareholder Concerns
10:54 AM EDT Medicenna Announces the Appointment of Jeff Caravella as CFO
10:53 AM EDT Danaher (DHR) to Acquire Abcam (ABCM)
10:50 AM EDT Zedcor Announces Awarding of Ottawa O-Line Mobile Security Project, Not Football Related
10:47 AM EDT Hersha Hospitality Trust to be Acquired by KSL Capital Partners
10:46 AM EDT Orogen Royalties Announces Profitable Quarter and Strong Cashflow for Q2-2023
10:45 AM EDT CPI Aero Receives Second Multi-Year Contract and Funded Order for F-16 Aircraft Structures
10:44 AM EDT SharpLink Gaming Issues CEO Letter to Shareholders, Very Interesting Name
10:42 AM EDT Planet 13 Enters into Definitive Agreement to Acquire VidaCann
August 26, 2023
12:26 PM EDT Asure Software is Confirmed for the Main Event, Proud of Pat and His Team
5:54 AM EDT US Open Qualifying (Tennis)
5:51 AM EDT Can You Pass That Twinkie? (TWNK)
5:07 AM EDT Sources Say That Veritas is Making a Takeover Offer to Blackberry (BB)
5:05 AM EDT RocketFuel Reports Strong FY23 Performance, To Hold Investor Call on Thursday, August 31, 2023
4:54 AM EDT TPT Global Tech Executes MOU Proposing to Acquire 60% Stake in Tekmovil, Tiny Market Cap
4:54 AM EDT Startek Forms Special Committee in Response to Preliminary Non-Binding Acquisition Proposal by CSP
4:46 AM EDT We Could Not Be More Proud
4:44 AM EDT Hempacco to Host 'Dogg lbs' Master Distributors at Snoop Dogg's Concert in Irvine, CA
4:35 AM EDT BQE Water Reports Q2 2023 Results, Profitable
4:28 AM EDT Biomerica Reports Fiscal 2023 Year End Results
August 25, 2023
10:33 AM EDT Burke & Herbert and Summit Financial Announce Merger of Equals
10:32 AM EDT SmileDirectClub To Appeal Decision In Align Technology Arbitration
10:31 AM EDT Redishred Capital Announces Strong Q2 2023 Results
10:30 AM EDT UGE Reports Fiscal Q2 2023 Financial Results
10:29 AM EDT BrainChip Continues to Expand IP Portfolio with Latest Australian Patent Issuance
10:28 AM EDT CLS Holdings USA 2023 CEO Address to Shareholders, Been a Rough Year for the Cannabis Industry
10:27 AM EDT Guanajuato Silver Reports Q2 2023 Financial and Operating Results
10:26 AM EDT Concerned Stockholders of Forte Biosciences File Definitive Proxy Statement and Send Letter to Stockholders
10:25 AM EDT NaturalShrimp Issues Shareholder Letter and Provides Corporate Update
10:24 AM EDT Better May Have Had the Worst Debut in History (Down 95%)
August 24, 2023
6:24 PM EDT You Can Not Make This Garbage Up, "Unapologetic Affluence", You Mean Most People Who Live in Newport Coast?
4:14 PM EDT Miss Carol Ruth, from the Ruth Group Has Passed Away, A LEGEND
11:47 AM EDT Atlas Engineered Products Announces Acquisition of a Truss and Wall Panel Manufacturer
11:42 AM EDT Emmaus Life Sciences Reports Management Changes, Big Changes
11:40 AM EDT Questor Announces the Departure of President and CEO
11:35 AM EDT Salt Life Partners With American Red Cross for Hawaii Wildfire Relief
11:32 AM EDT SANUWAVE Enters into a Merger Agreement with Sweat Equity Partners and Mercury Life Sciences
11:30 AM EDT Backblaze Improves 2023 Financial Guidance
10:57 AM EDT The Company's Name is a Three Digit Number (YI)
10:51 AM EDT Singing Machine Announces Entrance into Hospitality Market with Disruptive New Karaoke Venue Concept
10:50 AM EDT Subway to be Acquired by Roark Capital
10:46 AM EDT BeWhere Holdings Reports Q2 Results, 9th Consecutive Quarter of Net Income
August 23, 2023
1:50 AM EDT Billy McFarland Says Fyre Festival II Is in the Works, Out of Prison
1:45 AM EDT Kumar, 21, Claims First Win In Winston-Salem
1:41 AM EDT MediaMath To File For Bankruptcy After Acquisition Talks Fall Apart
1:39 AM EDT CURO Comments on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Matter, Stock Has Been Smoked
1:38 AM EDT Coinbase to Invest in Circle
1:36 AM EDT Francisco Partners to Acquire The Weather Company Assets from IBM
August 22, 2023
5:14 PM EDT MIND Technology Announces Sale of Klein Unit
5:12 PM EDT Spectra7 Announces Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
5:11 PM EDT Vistagen Appoints Cindy Anderson as CFO, Mark McPartland is "Ghosting" Me
5:10 PM EDT Alliance Entertainment Sees Explosive Sales and Future Growth with K-POP, Next Up, Banjo, You Heard it Here First
5:08 PM EDT Iveda Appoints Major General Ashraf Hassan to the Advisory Board, Interesting
5:07 PM EDT Ideal Power Secures Phase II of Development Program with Top 10 Global Automaker
5:04 PM EDT WidePoint Cybersecurity Awarded New $1.7 Million Identity and Access Management Contract
5:03 PM EDT ResGreen Launches AI-Powered Chatbot to Improve Communications with Investors: "Hey AI, Why is the Stock Down 99.9% Over the Past Ten Years?"
4:42 PM EDT BioSyent Declares Third Quarter 2023 Dividend, Rene Owes Us a Visit
4:38 PM EDT Dick's: Down 25% on Earnings and Increased Theft at Stores, Industry Calls it "Shrinkage"
4:32 PM EDT The Main Event List is Out: Time to Start Planning a Trip to LA
10:08 AM EDT LD Micro Welcomes Virpax
10:03 AM EDT Republic Bank Provides Update on Listing Status, Also Down a Lot This Year
9:58 AM EDT VirnetX Announces Partnership and Equity Position in OmniTeq, Down a Lot This Year
August 21, 2023
11:24 AM EDT Skye Completes $17M Financing and Acquires Novel Phase 2-Ready CB1-Inhibiting Monoclonal Antibody
11:23 AM EDT Influential Name Joins Coya's Board of Directors
11:22 AM EDT SPI Energy Reports Revenue Up 21.1% to $58.9 Million in Q2 2023
11:17 AM EDT U.S. insurance Broker Marsh to buy Australia's Honan, Cheers Mate
11:09 AM EDT Timber Pharmaceuticals to be Acquired by LEO Pharma
11:04 AM EDT Yerbaé Successfully Closes First Tranche of Celebrity Investment Round, Securing Over US$4 Million
10:55 AM EDT US Nuclear Appoints New CFO With 30+ Years of Experience
10:49 AM EDT Environmental Waste International Announces New CEO And President
10:34 AM EDT Performance Shipping Completes Buyback, Announces Another Buyback
10:31 AM EDT American Battery Technology Company Finalizes Purchase of Commercial-Scale Battery Recycling Facility
August 20, 2023
5:13 PM EDT Burger King Should Promote This Man
5:10 PM EDT The New King of All Media: Mr. Beast
5:04 PM EDT My Favorite Sport to Watch Live, Not What You Think
5:02 PM EDT Portnoy a Winner
5:00 PM EDT Pretty Cool Game Coming Up
4:57 PM EDT Jamie Spent Some Time in Spokane, Wonderful Place, My Hand Right Man, Born and Raised
4:55 PM EDT New Balls Please!
4:54 PM EDT Peloton Announces Peloton For Business, Can I Please Have My Seat?
4:53 PM EDT Hilary's Path (Live)
4:51 PM EDT Parade acquired by Ariela & Associates International
August 19, 2023
7:31 PM EDT Maui Land & Pineapple Company Reports Q2, Update on Fires
7:25 PM EDT NAPCO Reports Preliminary Q4 Net Sales and Net Income, Restatement of Prior Three Quarters and Declaration of Increased Dividend
7:22 PM EDT Arena Group Signs Binding LOI to Combine with Bridge Media Networks
August 18, 2023
12:08 PM EDT LQR House (LQR) Announces Pricing of IPO, This Was Nine Days Ago
12:00 PM EDT New IPO this Week: SRM (Cool Name, Tough Day)
11:57 AM EDT First Hurricane to Hit LD Micro Base Station Since 1939
11:49 AM EDT Kaival Brands Amends Agreement with Phillip Morris International for Distribution of ENDS Products
11:49 AM EDT Dexterra Announces CFO Transition
11:48 AM EDT GABY Announces Winding Down of Operations, Do Not Pass "Go"
11:46 AM EDT Mene Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2023
11:45 AM EDT OverActive Media Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
11:44 AM EDT Camber Energy Provides Additional Info to Help Combat Illegal Short Selling
11:43 AM EDT IZEA Awarded Significant Contract with CPG Brand, "Should" Present at the Main Event
August 17, 2023
5:03 PM EDT OneSoft Solutions Reports Q2 2023 Results, an LD Dark Horse
5:02 PM EDT Vox Provides Gold Royalty Portfolio Development Updates and Confirms Initial Royalty Revenue from Kookynie
5:01 PM EDT Ocean Power Unveils Breakthrough: WAM-V Demonstrates Remote Connection to PowerBuoy for On-Water Charging
5:00 PM EDT Job Mobz to Acquire in Cash and Stock Deal
4:58 PM EDT Digital Brands Group Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
4:57 PM EDT Datasea Announces $4 Million Private Placement Priced at a 125% Premium to Market at $1.35 Per Share
4:56 PM EDT Red Robin Reports Results for Q2, Pretty Darn Good on the Surface
3:51 PM EDT Polar Power Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results, One of the Few Gainers Today
2:43 PM EDT Achieve Life Sciences Reports Financial Results for Second Quarter 2023 and Provides Corporate Update
2:31 PM EDT ME2C Environmental Reports Q2, One of the Dark Horses at LD
2:17 PM EDT EMCORE Announces Pricing of $15.8 Million Public Offering
2:15 PM EDT Prairie Operating Executes Option to Acquire Remaining Exok Assets
August 16, 2023
4:58 PM EDT Novo Integrated Sciences Provides Update on Certain Current Actions and Events, Traded 400 Million Shares Today
4:57 PM EDT Check Please: Fogo de Chão Gets Acquired by Bain
4:55 PM EDT Esports Entertainment Group Announces Registered Direct Offering and Settlement Agreement
4:54 PM EDT Geospace Technologies Signs $3 Million Mariner Rental Agreement
4:44 PM EDT Sequans Board of Directors Recommends that Shareholders Accept Renesas Tender Offer and Tender Shares
4:29 PM EDT Modular Medical Partners with Phillips-Medisize to Expand Insulin Delivery Alternatives
3:21 PM EDT GPOPlus+ Reports Over 101% Increase in Quarter Over Quarter Revenue
2:58 PM EDT Silicom Launches A New High-End Edge Product Line, Announces 1st Design Win with $3.5M Initial Order
1:58 PM EDT Access Results Management Services Inc. Purchases 3,000,000 Common Shares of Parkit Enterprise
5:20 AM EDT Esmark Announces All-Cash Public Offer For U.S. Steel Shares
August 15, 2023
3:59 PM EDT NEXGEL Reports Second Quarter 2023 Record Revenue of $1.17 Million, an Increase of 108% Year-Over-Year
3:56 PM EDT GEE Group Announces Cooperation Agreement with Red Oak Partners, Very Nice
3:49 PM EDT Roots Marks Milestone 50th Anniversary with Limited Edition Collections, Great Brand
3:46 PM EDT Delcath Systems Announces FDA Approval of HEPZATO KIT, Big Time
3:43 PM EDT Design Therapeutics Provides Pipeline Update and Reports Q2, No Bueno
3:41 PM EDT NuZee Appoints Experienced Finance and CPG Professional Randell Weaver as CFO
3:39 PM EDT F45 Announces Intention to Voluntarily Delist and Deregister its Securities
3:38 PM EDT C-Bond Systems Reports Record Net Income of $3.8 Million for Q2, They Sold Something
3:36 PM EDT Tandy Leather Factory Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results, Makes Money
3:35 PM EDT Digital Brands Group to Report Q2, Confirmed for the Main Event
3:33 PM EDT Halo Collective Reports Q2 2023 Financial Results and Announces Delisting
3:31 PM EDT Energous Announces Reverse Stock Split
August 14, 2023
5:46 PM EDT Open Letter to Shareholders from Research Solutions' Board Committee
12:20 PM EDT BioXcel Therapeutics Reports Q2 and Announces Strategic Reprioritization, New One for Me
12:11 PM EDT Bionano Announces CFO Transition and Appointment of Gülsen Kama as Chief Financial Officer
12:09 PM EDT Harmony Biosciences to Acquire Zynerba Pharma, All Cash
12:08 PM EDT Jaguar Health Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
12:06 PM EDT Capstone Green Energy Announces CEO Transition, Darren is an Amazing Man
11:59 AM EDT CV Sciences Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
11:55 AM EDT Cleveland-Cliffs Proposes to Acquire U.S. Steel
11:22 AM EDT Lifeway Foods Announces Record Results for the Second Quarter Ended June 30, 2023
11:19 AM EDT Galaxy Gaming Reports Q2 2023 Financial Results
10:58 AM EDT AmpliTech Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
August 13, 2023
4:57 AM EDT Dodgers Win Seven in a Row
4:56 AM EDT Sam Bankman-Fried Was the Most Annoying Defendant of All Time
4:50 AM EDT Sardar Biglari takes a big stake in El Pollo Loco
3:03 AM EDT Acclaimed Cognitive Researcher Dr. Inês Hipólito Joins VERSES as Artificial Intelligence (AI) Ethicist
2:07 AM EDT No Way: The CEO of EBANG is a Man by the Name of Hu Dong
1:45 AM EDT Avid Gets Acquired for $1.4 Billion
August 12, 2023
1:34 PM EDT Corsa Coal Provides Update on A-Seam Condemnation Proceedings, Big Number
1:32 PM EDT Medexus Announces Strong Fiscal Q1 2024 Results
1:29 PM EDT Alpine 4 Holdings (ALPP) Generates Record Revenue for Q2
1:25 PM EDT Bridgeline Announces Financial Results for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2023
1:24 PM EDT Kaleyra Announces Changes in Management Team
1:23 PM EDT The Best Watches of 2023 (So Far), I Agree, Guess Which One :-)
1:21 PM EDT Enthusiast Gaming Announces Changes to Board of Directors
1:20 PM EDT Bluesky Digital Assets Announces Debt Settlement
1:19 PM EDT Psychemedics Corporation Reports Q2, Long Time CEO is Retiring
10:37 AM EDT Steve Case Announces $1 Million Donation to Support Maui Rebuilding
August 11, 2023
11:46 AM EDT Nocopi Technologies Reports Executive Leadership Changes and Q2, Fun Name
11:46 AM EDT Reports Results for Second Quarter 2023
11:45 AM EDT Minim Announces CFO Resignation and Transition Plan, Read the Last Sentence of the Release
11:44 AM EDT Titan Logix Appoints New CFO
11:43 AM EDT Vox Announces Q2 and Declares Quarterly Dividend
11:42 AM EDT SANUWAVE Announces Q2 2023 Financial Results, New CEO Was Brought on in May
11:41 AM EDT DHI Group Announces CFO Departure
11:40 AM EDT The Real Good Food Company Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
11:40 AM EDT Immersion Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results, I Mean, Take a Look Yourself
11:39 AM EDT Atlas Appoints Rick LaBelle as New CEO
August 10, 2023
12:26 PM EDT CI Financial to Acquire Ultra-High-Net-Worth Wealth Manager Coriel Capital
11:54 AM EDT Byrna Urges Mark Zuckerberg to Reconsider Ad Classification, Putting Out Billboards in LA
11:53 AM EDT Serve Robotics Announces Go-Public Transaction, Confirmed for the Main Event
10:24 AM EDT Origin Materials Reports Operating and Financial Results for Q2, Heading Back to its Origin
10:21 AM EDT Zynex Announces 1 Millionth Patient Milestone, Congrats to Tom and Team
10:20 AM EDT Carrols Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2023, Three Year High Today
10:19 AM EDT Mogo Reports Results for Q2 2023 and Share Consolidation
10:17 AM EDT LifeMD Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results; Achieves Positive Free Cash Flow and Raises 2023 Revenue Guidance, Let's Go Justin
10:12 AM EDT Galera Receives Complete Response Letter from U.S. FDA for Avasopasem Manganese, Stock is Getting "Oppenheimered"
August 9, 2023
10:04 PM EDT LD Micro Alumnus, CTG Gets Sold, Very Nice Premium
3:55 PM EDT PFSweb Reports Strong Second Quarter 2023 Results, Kudos to the Team
3:48 PM EDT MITT and WMC to Merge
2:57 PM EDT One of LD's Dark Horses, Global Crossing Airlines Announces Q2, Updates Revenue Forecast to $150M in 2023,
2:44 PM EDT Carver Bancorp Announces CEO Transition, 5th CEO Since 1948
2:35 PM EDT Milestone Scientific Announces Positive Insurance Payment for the CompuFlo Epidural System, Near a 52-Week High
2:33 PM EDT Hot Dog on a Stick to Open 10 Units in Iraq, Bringing Corn Dogs to the Arab World
2:31 PM EDT IPA Responds to 13D Filing
2:29 PM EDT Veritone Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results, Big Net Loss Number
1:43 PM EDT Kingstone Has a New Sheriff in Town
1:23 PM EDT Change of Leadership at Riverview Bank, Very Interesting
August 8, 2023
10:55 AM EDT Processa Pharmaceuticals Appoints Life Sciences Industry Veteran George Ng as CEO
10:54 AM EDT EMCORE Announces Anticipated Sale of Non-Strategic Product Lines
10:53 AM EDT ChromaDex Launches Tru Niagen with iHerb, the World's Number One Online Destination for Health and Wellness
10:50 AM EDT Digital Ally Announces Notable Patents
10:49 AM EDT Proterra (PTRA) Files for Chapter 11, Stock Down 80% Today
10:47 AM EDT AYRO Announces $22 Million Offering Led By Existing Investors
10:46 AM EDT Dolphin (DLPN) to Host Q2 Earnings Call on August 14 at 4:30 PM ET
10:45 AM EDT Alpha Pro Tech (APT) Announces Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Profitable
10:29 AM EDT SeaChange Announces Voluntary SEC Deregistration and Nasdaq Delisting, Wow
10:29 AM EDT Augmedix Delivers 47% Revenue Growth and Expanded Gross Margins for Q2, Congrats to Manny and the Team
10:28 AM EDT KKR to Acquire Simon & Schuster from Paramount Global for $1.62 Billion
12:54 AM EDT Graham Corporation Announces Strategic Investment by Customer to Expand Production Capabilities in Batavia, Is That a Country?
August 7, 2023
12:02 PM EDT Renesas to Acquire Cellular IoT Technology Leader Sequans Through Tender Offer
12:01 PM EDT Michael Kuta Named CEO of DMC Global
12:00 PM EDT Critical Communications Leader Genasys Rebrands and Launches World's First Protective Communications Platform
11:57 AM EDT Alto Ingredients Announces Executive Leadership Changes, Wow
11:56 AM EDT Fortitude Gold Declares August Monthly Dividend, Confirmed for the Main Event
11:51 AM EDT Tabula Rasa (TRHC) and ExactCare to Combine, Sounds Like a Hot Sauce
11:40 AM EDT Veritiv Corporation To Be Acquired By CD&R, All-Time High
10:29 AM EDT Fiesta Restaurant Group to be Sold to ARB, Looks Pretty Crummy
10:25 AM EDT Campbell to Acquire Sovos Brands, Nice Premium
10:12 AM EDT Quite Possibly the Biggest One Day Move in 2023 (VTGN)
August 6, 2023
3:00 PM EDT Can the Mets Acquire Ohtani?
2:59 PM EDT Some More Somber News from the Same Guy
2:58 PM EDT A Little Bit of Art News
2:54 PM EDT Wish Reports Q2, Wish of Going Up Does Not Come True for Existing Investors
2:51 PM EDT Bryson DeChambeau Shoots 12-under 58 at LIV Golf Greenbrier
2:49 PM EDT Secures $50 Million Credit Facility and Successfully Restores Nasdaq Compliance
2:48 PM EDT Lamborghini Countach From Wolf Of Wall Street Heads To Auction
2:47 PM EDT Lighthouse Immersive Going BK
2:46 PM EDT Big Merger is Not Going Through
2:44 PM EDT Sweden Advances Past USA in Women's World Cup
August 5, 2023
2:11 AM EDT College Football is Absolute and Utter Horseshit, Shame on the Pac-12
2:10 AM EDT Altisource Asset Management Corporation Announces a Two-for-One Stock Split
2:09 AM EDT Gillette Stadium to Feature Largest Outdoor End Zone Display in Professional Football from Daktronics, The Best a Fan Can Get
2:08 AM EDT 4Front Ventures Announces Update to Senior Management Team, You Guessed It!
2:02 AM EDT XORTX Appoints Chief Financial Officer, Can Someone Get Stats on How Many CFOs Have Been Hired YTD?
2:00 AM EDT DMG Blockchain Solutions Announces July Mining Results
1:59 AM EDT Ideanomics Reports Q1 2023 Financial Results
1:59 AM EDT Check-Cap Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results
1:58 AM EDT Spackman Equities Group Provides Update on Reverse Take-over with Crystal Planet Limited
1:57 AM EDT Tryp Therapeutics Announces Jason Carroll as New CEO
August 4, 2023
12:04 PM EDT Sensus Healthcare Reports Q2, Joe Should Be Presenting in October
12:02 PM EDT TDS and USM Announce Exploration of Strategic Alternatives for UScellular
11:48 AM EDT Laser Photonics Appoints Jade Barnwell as CFO
11:46 AM EDT ibex Names Taylor C. Greenwald Chief Financial Officer, I Mean 300+ CFO Changes in 2023 So Far??
11:41 AM EDT Creative Realities Reports 2nd Quarter 2023 Results
11:38 AM EDT Global Crossing Airlines Reports Record Block Hours and Confirms Earning Release Date
11:34 AM EDT Maury Microwave Completes Acquisition of Wireless Telecom Group, and That is That!
11:33 AM EDT The Dixie Group Reports Operating Income for Q2, Unique Name in Microcap Land
11:04 AM EDT Assertio Reports Q2, Closes Spectrum Acquisition, Down a Lot Today
9:59 AM EDT Peter Derycz and Bristol Investment Issue Open Letter to Research Solutions Shareholders
August 3, 2023
11:27 AM EDT NeuBase Therapeutics to Explore Strategic Alternatives
11:17 AM EDT Hudson Technologies Reports Q2 Results, Bucket List Item
11:15 AM EDT Orion Secures 3-Year LED Lighting Preventative Maintenance Contract for Approximately 2,000 Retail Locations
11:14 AM EDT Kaival Brands (KAVL) Appoints New CEO and CFO
10:51 AM EDT CVS to Begin Nationwide In-Store Sales of Biomerica's EZ Detect Colorectal Disease Screening Test
10:43 AM EDT Assure Holdings Acquires Certain Assets of Innovation Neuromonitoring
10:35 AM EDT American Resources Enters into a Binding Letter of Intent to Sell Assets Associated to Its Deane Mining Complex
10:32 AM EDT Flux Power Closes New $15 Million Credit Facility with Gibraltar Business Capital
10:25 AM EDT PCTEL Announces New Innovative 5G FR1 Omnidirectional Antenna for Industrial IoT Applications
10:16 AM EDT DIRTT Reports Second Quarter 2023 Financial Results, Announces CFO
August 2, 2023
11:48 AM EDT UGE Announces New Chief Operating Officer, Board Appointment, and Key Leadership Hires
11:46 AM EDT FSD Pharma Signs Definitive Agreement to Launch UNBUZZD, a Revolutionary Rapid Alcohol Detoxification Drink
11:36 AM EDT Fresh Out of the Oven, Great American Cookies Opens 400th Location, Step Aside Mrs. Fields!
11:27 AM EDT Everyone in Our Industry Should Be Reading These (Perritt)
11:21 AM EDT Cambium Networks Reports Q2 Loss, Back Down to Single Digits
11:17 AM EDT Tellenger (WAVD) Wins Seven-Year U.S. Government Contract
11:16 AM EDT NEXGEL to Report Q2 Results on August 14th, Worth a Listen
11:15 AM EDT Sunworks Provides Prelim Q2 Business Update, The Sun Will Come Out, But Apparently Not Tomorrow
11:14 AM EDT EV Biologics Hires Senior CFO, as Opposed to Junior CFO, Dear God Save Me
11:12 AM EDT Dolphin Entertainment Adds Emeril Lagasse and EJ Lagasse to Client Roster
10:59 AM EDT Captiva Verde Wellness to Acquire the Miami Padel Club
August 1, 2023
5:28 PM EDT Genius Group Is Issued Warning Letter by NYSE
4:48 PM EDT The Children's Place Announces Promotions and Appointments of Key Executives
4:45 PM EDT Fortitude Gold Reports Second Quarter Net Income of $3.6 Million, Maintains 2023 Production Outlook
2:04 PM EDT Ra Medical Systems Announces Proposed Name and Ticker Symbol Changes
1:24 PM EDT Ferrellgas Appoints Miss Tamria Zertuche as President and CEO
1:21 PM EDT Ceragon Networks Reports 22% Growth in Second Quarter and Raises Full Year Guidance
1:19 PM EDT Charge Enterprises Announces Acquisition of Greenspeed Energy Solutions
1:15 PM EDT Sangoma Announces New Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Charles Salameh
1:14 PM EDT Awakn Life Sciences Completes Sale of Awakn Clinics In Norway
1:05 PM EDT Perma-Fix Announces Over $8 Million in New Contract Awards, Stock Has Been Rocking
1:02 PM EDT MamaMancini's Announces Corporate Name Change to Mama's Creations and Ticker Change to MAMA, Guess Mama Knows Best
12:54 PM EDT Dave Announces 4.00% Annual Percentage Yield For Checking and Savings Accounts
11:58 AM EDT Diamcor Reports Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023 Results
July 29, 2023
12:17 PM EDT Biolase Does a 1-100 Reverse, One Million Shares Outstanding
12:15 PM EDT Xtant Medical Wins Auction for Surgalign's Hardware and Biologics Business
11:57 AM EDT HomeStreet Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results
11:53 AM EDT Taitron Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend, Stock Has Quietly Doubled in the Past Five Years
11:37 AM EDT ReWalk Robotics Announces Planned Changes to the Board
11:35 AM EDT RevoluGROUP Announces CEO's Resignation Due to Health Reasons
11:27 AM EDT Navidea Got a Letter from the NYSE
11:25 AM EDT Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Reports Fiscal 2023 Financial Results
11:21 AM EDT KDA Group Completes Acquisition of All ZRX Digital Prescriber Proprietary Rights From ZoomMed
11:17 AM EDT Medicure Reports Financial Results For Quarter Ended 6/30, Makes Money
July 28, 2023
10:46 AM EDT DecisionPoint Systems Promotes Miss Melinda Wohl to Chief Financial Officer
10:42 AM EDT Not Looking Good for Yellow (YELL)
10:38 AM EDT SEC Adopts New Cybersecurity Disclosure Rules
10:23 AM EDT American Business Bank Reports Second Quarter Earnings, Based in Downtown Los Angeles
10:21 AM EDT Arbe Announces an $11.6M Dollar Preliminary Order
10:13 AM EDT Ohtani to Remain an "Angel" for Now
10:11 AM EDT Biogen to Acquire Reata Pharmaceuticals, Nice Premium
10:09 AM EDT VNET Announces Changes to Leadership Team
9:40 AM EDT Probe Gold Completes Acquisition of the Croinor Gold Property in Val-d'Or
9:34 AM EDT Lexicon Elects Miss Diane E. Sullivan to Board of Directors
9:25 AM EDT Freedom Financial Holdings Announces Earnings for Second Quarter of 2023
July 27, 2023
5:57 PM EDT SIGA Announces U.S. Government Procurement Orders of Approximately $138 Million
5:55 PM EDT Data I/O Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results, Solid Name
10:36 AM EDT LightPath Announces Acquisition of Visimid Technologies
10:33 AM EDT Aeglea BioTherapeutics Announces Sale of Pegzilarginase to Immedica Pharma
10:30 AM EDT Mobivity Announces Executive Leadership Appointments as CEO Transitions
10:27 AM EDT Ayala Pharmaceuticals and Biosight Enter into Definitive Merger Agreement
10:25 AM EDT In Honor of World Nature Conservation Day, Jaguar Health Announces Planting of More Than 1.1 Million Trees
10:21 AM EDT Mersana Announces Topline Data from UPLIFT, Causes Downslide in Stock
10:20 AM EDT NaturalShrimp Terminates Merger Agreement; Announces Re-IPO Opportunity for Uplist
10:17 AM EDT Aterian Announces Management Change & Q2 Prelim Results
10:15 AM EDT Cutera Appoints Taylor Harris as Chief Executive Officer
10:14 AM EDT GoLogiq Signs to Acquire Symplefy for $30 Million
10:12 AM EDT INVO Announces a 1:20 Reverse Stock Split Effective Pre-Market Opening Tomorrow
July 26, 2023
12:56 PM EDT Waterstone Financial Announces Planned Retirement of Douglas S. Gordon and Election of William F. Bruss As Next CEO
12:54 PM EDT CPS Announces $291.7 Million Senior Subordinate Asset-Backed Securitization
12:44 PM EDT Terra Property Trust Acquires 5.2% Stake in AG Mortgage Investment Trust to Unlock Value
11:37 AM EDT ABVC Signs Term Sheet to Acquire Real Estate Assets for Strategic Investments, I'm Confused
11:31 AM EDT Muscle Maker Announces Name Change and Rebranding to Sadot Group (SDOT)
11:23 AM EDT Banc of California and PacWest Announce Transformational Merger
11:18 AM EDT HeartBeam Appoints Dr. Michael R. Jaff to the Board of Directors
11:18 AM EDT Reborn Coffee Receives $1 Million Strategic Credit Facility to Accelerate Company Initiatives
11:07 AM EDT Volt Carbon Technologies Resolves Legal Dispute with Former Director and Officer
10:57 AM EDT 1CM Announces 1st Liquor Store Opening, Hell Yeah!
July 25, 2023
1:44 PM EDT Atlantic Union Announces Agreement to Acquire American National
10:17 AM EDT Medallion Financial Reports 2023 Second Quarter Results
10:15 AM EDT Enzo Biochem Completes Sale of Clinical Laboratory to Labcorp
10:13 AM EDT Destiny Media Announces Beta Release of MTR in Canada
10:10 AM EDT FibroGen Announces Leadership Transition, Stock Has Been Decimated
10:09 AM EDT The Real Brokerage Welcomes agentinc
10:02 AM EDT Xcelerate Acquires a Majority Interest in ESN Group, Stock is Up a Lot This Year
10:00 AM EDT Sensus Healthcare Completes Installation of its First SRT System in Ireland
9:59 AM EDT AMMO, Inc. Announces Jared Smith as its New CEO
9:58 AM EDT PlantX Officially Launches Revamped Website for, Down 99% YTD
9:54 AM EDT Mary Jones Announces First Crossover Flavor Release with Jones Soda, I Guess Mary is a Big Deal
July 24, 2023
1:26 PM EDT David's Bridal and CION Investment Corp. Complete Successful Transaction
1:21 PM EDT Nepra Foods Announces Investor Webinar and CEO to Provide Company Update, Nice Products
1:18 PM EDT Capricor Therapeutics Announces Appointment of Philip J. Gotwals, Ph.D. to its BOD
1:16 PM EDT Williams Industrial (WLMS) Enters into Purchase Agreement for the Sale of Business for $60 million and Files for Chapter 11
1:14 PM EDT Muscle Maker Reports Top Line Revenue Over $45.7 Million for June 2023, Shares Have Nearly Doubled This Year
1:12 PM EDT 22nd Century Announces Executive Leadership Changes, One of the More Popular Names at LD
1:11 PM EDT Richardson Electronics Upgrades Headquarters to Accommodate Growing Green Energy Solutions Business Unit
11:42 AM EDT Giga Metals Announces Symbol Change on OTC Markets to GIGGF
2:30 AM EDT Johnson Controls (JCI) to Acquire FM:Systems
2:29 AM EDT Chase Corp (CCF) to Be Acquired in $1.3B Deal, Not the Bank
2:26 AM EDT Novartis Acquires DTx Pharma in Potential $1B Deal
July 22, 2023
10:38 AM EDT Travelzoo Q2 2023 Earnings Conference Call on July 27 at 11:00 AM ET, Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes
10:34 AM EDT Pure Cycle Corporation Announces Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer
10:34 AM EDT Aqua Metals Announces Closing of $20 Million Public Offering of Common Stock
10:33 AM EDT Verrica Pharma Announces FDA Approval of YCANTH, Stock Has Been Kicking Butt Recently
10:32 AM EDT AgeX Therapeutics Announces $36,000,000 Debt Exchange for Preferred Stock
10:31 AM EDT IntelGenx Announces a Change to its Board of Directors
10:31 AM EDT NextPlay Technologies Receives Notice from Nasdaq Regarding Delayed Quarterly Report
10:30 AM EDT iSIGN Media Announces a Shares for Debt Transaction with its Major Shareholder and Control Person
10:28 AM EDT Music Legend Mr. Tony Bennett Passes Away
July 21, 2023
4:25 PM EDT Zentek and McMaster Announce Positive Results
11:32 AM EDT Koil Energy Solutions to Provide $4M of Flying Leads
11:31 AM EDT Codexis Announces Enhanced Strategic Focus and Extends Projected Cash Runway to Mid-2026, Been Hit Hard
11:15 AM EDT Manhattan Bridge Capital Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results, Prints Money
11:04 AM EDT Announces Changes to Executive Management Team and BOD, I Have No Words
10:59 AM EDT Terra Firma Capital Corporation Provides Update on its "Strategic Alternatives Review"
10:54 AM EDT FPX Nickel Announces CFO Transition and Succession Plan
10:38 AM EDT Sierra Metals Provides Update on Strategic Review Process
10:37 AM EDT Acme United Reports 35% Increase in Earnings Per Share for Second Quarter of 2023
10:33 AM EDT CPS Technologies Announces Appointment of Brian Mackey as President & CEO
10:22 AM EDT TPG to buy Healthcare IT Platform Nextech for $1.4 Billion
July 20, 2023
11:32 AM EDT Sintana Provides Update on VMM-37
11:30 AM EDT AnalytixInsight Announces Appointment of Vincent Kadar to Board of Directors
11:18 AM EDT Longeveron Appoints Lisa Locklear as Chief Financial Officer
11:14 AM EDT Former Microsoft Global AI Leader Miss Khadija Mustafa Joins SKYX
11:13 AM EDT Phunware Announces Strategic Cost Saving Measures to Accelerate Path to Profitability
11:08 AM EDT Versus Systems Partners with Tabletop and Video Game Creator
11:05 AM EDT Truxton Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2023 Results
10:47 AM EDT Mene Announces Change in CFO, Perhaps One of My Favorite Retailers
July 18, 2023
9:16 AM EDT Nepra Announces Resignation of CFO and Appointment of Interim CFO
9:15 AM EDT Kuuhubb Announces CEO Change
9:13 AM EDT Cardlytics Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
9:12 AM EDT AMSC Announces $34 Million of New Energy Power System Orders
9:11 AM EDT electroCore Expands Intellectual Patent Portfolio for nVNS Technology
2:46 AM EDT NeuroStar Achieves Milestone Regulatory Clearance in South Korea
2:45 AM EDT TESSCO Announces Closing of Merger Transaction, Right Call, I am Still Sad
2:36 AM EDT Salem Media Announces the Passing of its Co-founder Stuart Epperson Sr.
2:35 AM EDT Advanced Emissions Solutions Announces CEO Transition, Two Decades of Shareholder Sadness
2:33 AM EDT The ONE Group Opens Kona Grill in Riverton, Utah
July 17, 2023
10:55 AM EDT Zedge Celebrates World Emoji Day's Tenth Anniversary Year with Exciting Initiatives, No Poo Emojis Allowed
10:50 AM EDT iAnthus Announces Appointment of Richard Proud as CEO and Director, Welcome Aboard Mr. Proud
10:49 AM EDT Armanino Foods Reports Highest First Half Sales and Profits, They Have Been Kicking A** for Years
10:45 AM EDT Graphite One Awarded $37.5 Million Department of Defense Grant Under the Defense Production Act
10:44 AM EDT Anson and Cable Car File Preliminary Consent Materials to Remove Entire Board of Directors at MEI Pharma
10:43 AM EDT ViewRay Goes BK, Shareholders Not Feeling Okay
4:46 AM EDT Kraken Robotics Reports Results of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders, Big KK is Gone
4:44 AM EDT GeoTraq, a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of SPYR, Launches Revolutionary Miniature Tracking Device, Tim Matula Has Resurfaced
3:09 AM EDT Kahoot Agrees to Be Acquired by Goldman Sachs No Less
3:08 AM EDT Lilly to Acquire Versanis to Improve Patient Outcomes in Cardiometabolic Diseases
July 16, 2023
8:49 PM EDT <